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  1. Maybe a crazy and complex idea, but thought to through it out anyways ^^
    But as this is a economic server with all kinds of shops.
    How about a stock market where people can offer shares of there company and other people can buy and trade shares.
    Think it would add so much fun, but yes. I do realize it might be also a bit complex to realize tho..
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  2. I seriously doubt it would happen but would love to see it. With the rules against banks and the financial complexity and ways this could be exploited I just don't see it happening. I don't make the decisions around here though, so hopefully we will get better feedback :D
  3. 0_o where would you start?? Hehe nice thought tho
  4. Well, you could make it supporters only ;p
    Then lets say 100 shares to offer starting at 10 rupee each increasing with 1 rupee per sell/order. Decreasing with 1 rupee per sold share or order. A dividend could be paid every month to share holders. Lets say 10% of value of the shares. Dunno ;p
    The more I think about it, the more complex it gets.., maybe too complex :s
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  5. Well too complex. Seeing how most of EMC probably has no idea what a dividend is.

    Also, you can't sell shares at the same price they're all worth different values. A share in my little farm shop compared to AlexChances mega mall is going to be a lot cheaper, because my business isn't 'worth' as much as his. To have a stock market you will need shares to be at different prices constantly so people can buy and sell them.
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  6. Actually having played the stock market myself I really don't think this is a good idea.

    Not because of the idea itself, I love it. But because of all the drama this is going to cause. Because when implemented right you could also get into a situation where you buy into a store, the owner goes derelict and all of a sudden your investment has gone up in smoke.

    As said, I played the market and I'd know how to protect myself from that (well, to some extend anyway). But your average player? My bets are that the average player might like the idea of getting more 'easy' money, invests, loses all of that money and all of a sudden you got the perfect recipe for drama.

    Which is another thing... Where would the dividend come from? A shop owner would basically set out a bunch of stocks, people would buy them and that money goes right back to the company. This is technically a loan of some sorts.

    So now the owner has some extra cash, I assume its meant to be used for the company (I could imagine doing this because you want to expand or need extra stock, etc.). But how long before some of the investments need to find their way back?

    As said, I like the idea. But there are so many strings attached, and it comes very close to banking, that I'd have some serious doubts here.

    Even though I'd honestly be the first to jump into this and build my own "EMC portfolio". After all; investing is basically just that; invest in a shop in an attempt to help out the shop owner, while also hoping that you'll get something back from it.
  7. The number one problem is : most of EMC's community isn't that old.

    Even IF this idea gets implemented, not many people would actually care, or even know about it.
  8. Well, good to see I'm not the only one liking the idea :D
    But yeah :s
    Tried to put it on paper and indeed see the complex strings attached to it. Ah well, it was just a idea ;p
  9. Well, that would only be a matter of time. After all; the real stock market is also, for most anyway, a possibility to make 'easy' money (at least that's how its being advertised). The same could apply here.

    I wouldn't give up on it yet, who knows...

    Because we should never forget that even though you can think of a lot you'll never be able to see the 'big picture'. In other words; what would be reasonable possible to develop, and in which way EMC could get involved.

    For example; I approach this from what I know of the real stock market. But obviously it doesn't have to be implemented in that same way.

    I could also imagine that EMC would be the main stock market and that shop holders could buy into the stock market (to participate, money goes to EMC and is only used as a barrier), optionally the same for the share holders. You then have shielded of some of the "sporadic buyers" (which could be the main cause for drama when they lose out on money, no offense of course).

    Considering that EMC also provides rupees for voting and such it might be possible for them to provide the dividend. Say, based on how well a shop is doing. Doesn't have to be an enormous amount of course; 1 -5% of the revenue maybe?

    If you, as shop holder, step into this you'd get instant cash for selling off some of your company (say; one stock per used shop sign?) but on the down side you'd also get less income from those shop signs because an x percentage goes back into the stock market (dividend).

    And then you have set something up. The stocks are obviously provided by EMC but could be like the vouchers we have now.

    The main problem would be to determine the actual value.

    But if you could somehow keep EMC as the center node then you might be able to rule out banking and those other issues.
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  10. Been there, done that.

    I operated a stock market ages ago (like, before lava walls) as part of my Voltian Market Complex, and then as part of the Voltian Superexchange (I think it was called that). It didn't get a whole lot of interest.

    Let me tell you this: EMC is not an 'economy' server. Technically all Minecraft servers are economy servers, and economy elements even exist in single player, strictly speaking, but when most people speak of an 'economy server', they mean 'a server with a currency'. In reality, it's more like 'a server where producing and selling goods and services for a currency is the main activity'. EMC allows you to produce and sell goods and services, but it's not the main endeavor; I think a big part of EMC's focus is letting players follow their own path, be it that of the merchant, the architect, the adventurer, the boss slayer, or what have you.

    For many people, EMC is the best thing for them, but if you want to experiment with economic ideas, be it a stock exchange, or a derivatives market, or an economic system based upon a central ledger (i.e. my 'credit cooperative' idea) then you'd be best finding another server. There are servers with laxer banking policies, and there's probably a server out there which has dedicated plugins and stuff to make it a true economy server with stocks and shares and derivatives and player created currencies and all the other stuff I dream of, but not here.

    I currently play on a server where it may be possible to create all of my hare-brained ideas, but it'd be too risky, and I'm involved in other projects.
  11. How long ago was that then... :confused:
  12. Over 3 years this June, I think.
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  13. I think you contradict your self a bit. EMC has currency in rupees, not really Forex, but the idea was stocks, not pairs. All ways can lead to economic exchanges. You can choose indeed to go out and dig it all yourself and keep it or.. sell the stuff. You can build whatever you want and can choose to.. buy all the stuff in "many shops". Maybe 1 in 5 plots has a shop. Half of the time the chat goes about offering/looking for goodies and services. Forum is full of it. So imo this is a very very economic driven server, if you ask me..
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  14. Maybe part of the community is economy focused, but the server itself isn't. It has a currency, shop chests, and that's really about it. Banks are banned. Most things more complex that "give x rupees/items for y rupees/items" are banned.
  15. Yes, but still you part of a living economic here. I log in early everyday to breed, restock and to take care of my horse business. Only thing I don't do is administration :p