Stereotypes? What?

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Shy girl/Boy

Goth girl/boy 5 vote(s) 31.3%
Popular/Jock/'Rich' Girl 4 vote(s) 25.0%
dreamer/artist 7 vote(s) 43.8%
geek/nerd 13 vote(s) 81.3%
fashionista 3 vote(s) 18.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I've Noticed A Huge Problem That Started In 2012

    Is this a joke? These are the following stereotypes that have been created since 2012:
    Populars- Blonde hair, blue eyes, pink clothes, big features, sassy, the 'queen'
    Fashionista- Artsy, long black/dyed hair, usually in a bun, dresses, close to the populars.
    Dreamer- Earthy down to earth people with no limits of imagination, drama, loves music, sings, usually long hair on girls, messy hair on boys.
    Shy Girl- Blonde hair, green eyes, long hair, occasionally brown hair + hazel eyes, very smart, artistic, has reading glasses, kind, tiny voice, only wears lip gloss for makeup, usually has a sweater on that is pulled over hands and a skirt, extremely kind Shy Boy- Messy hair (brown), green eyes, very smart, has glasses, gets flustered in front of all girls, freckles/acne, jeans, geeky, nerdy, very kind, extremely smart Jock- Muscles, jeans, football, blonde hair, blue eyes, stupid, popular The 'Rich' Girl- Pink clothes(designer), lead popular. Geek- Glasses, very smart, pimples, shirt tucked in pants, khakis (pants), button down shirt, loves and is into computers Nerd- Like geek, except not into computers, just is a huge bookworm/teachers pet. Goth- Boys: Gay?!?!! (not true <-) black clothes, black hair, contacts, very pale, spikes. Girl: Same as boy, just not classified as gay More will be added later + Vote on which category you would fall for, or you are. But, i'm not saying they are good, they are very offensive. (stereotypes)
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  2. I accidently messed up the vote, so, if u choose shy girl/boy please click geek/nerd Thanks for understanding :)
  3. This is a very interesting concept. Way to spread awareness of how frequently these stereotypes are used. Maybe we can try to stop using them. :)
  4. Thanks >.< I've been called the 'shy dreamer' and i swear its annoying, so i figured, why not make an 'article' about this for awareness? :p :)
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  5. I'm pretty sure these stereotypes have been around longer than two years.

    Anyways, good on you for reminding people that stereotypes don't even actually make any sense. :)
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  6. I have no idea how to take that. I'm going to just umm.. take this probably the wrong way, and take it offensively
  7. He's just reminding you that "stereotypes" have been a thing for a very long time (longer than the word's existed for it, in fact). Nothing offensive about it, just statement of fact. Some of the particular details may have changed slightly over the years, but going back at least twenty, I could say this is about the same as when I was going to school.

    Moreover, "stereotypes" themselves aren't offensive. No really!
    What is offensive is judging and treating people by them.
    You see (incoming pun!) our eyes process a ridiculous amount of information every day / hour / minute. The majority of that get filtered down through our consciousness, and pruned for "relevant" data. That's an extreme generalization, mind you, this isn't going to become a lesson in neuroscience. The key point is, our brains adapt to quickly process, categorize, and filter visual input - thus, when we see another person, we automatically make classifications based on how they look*. There's nothing wrong with that. It's how we're wired, and it allows us to go about our day without having a nervous breakdown.

    The trick is knowing these snap judgements are often at least partly wrong, but you never really know until you talk to someone and get to know them. :)
    It's not the stereotype that's the problem,
    it's allowing that to color how you treat people.

    *"Look" is more than just clothing and skin color - body language, facial symmetry, and a whole slew of other barely-perceptible stuff gets processed in an instant, without us even realizing it.
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  8. Oh, no. I meant no offence.

    The first part should have included a smiley face, and I should have reworded the second part.

    All I meant by the 2nd sentence was "Thank you for doing something to help raise awareness for this issue and reminding people that stereotypes are stupid."

    The first sentence was an offhand remark on exactly what it said, that most of those stereotypes have either been around since well before 2012 or are modifications thereof...

    ...At least based on my own experience and The Breakfast Club. This is not to detract from your message at all.
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  9. I've been labeled as many things. Some are surprising while others are not. Some of them just made my jaw drop.
  10. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I've never been popular xD.
    Actually quite the opposite.
    I was actually frequently bullied and pushed around throughout my educational career because I was weird and had a big nose.
    Not only are stereotypes usually wrong, but you can't really stereotype someone by the way that they dress unless it's completely obvious. It's really best not even to acknowledge these things and just try to be around people that you enjoy. Don't let stereotypes get in your way of making new friends.
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  11. I am actually not just one of these selections i have been called a geek an artist and sometimes popular and sometimes a dreamer but sometimes a realist. Im just a standard brown haired pale ish blue eye person.
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  12. I know from experience some of them can really hurt :(
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  13. You and I both. I used to be 'an emo kid' but I had the personality of everyone else. It was really strange and led to a lot of bullying and harassment.
  14. People used to be scared of me you know when you accidentally stab someones hand very deep with a pencil they always think you will stab everyone else too.
  15. that's not a stereotype. they're scared because you stabbed someone with a pencil. lol.
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  16. There were plenty of people in highschool I'd have loved to pencil in the hand.. I was very shy around people I didn't know. *gasp* You couldn't tell that about me, now.
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  17. True I guess.
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  18. I attend a public high school that 4,300 students attend; hardly any of these stereotypes apply to anybody there. I think people should understand that stereotypes don't always match the person they see.
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  19. I would like to point out now that some stereotypes that you have listed are not really correct.

    Also, might as well say it now...
    Some black people are stereotyped as: bad grammar, "talk like black people", sag their pants, afro or dreads, disrespectful.

    I see a lot of those stereotypes.
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  20. I don't like to label people by a stereotype. I'll use myself as an example. I love to play games and talk with people over the internet. However I also love to play Baseball. Some call me a nerd, while others call me a jock. I can't be called just one, it just wouldn't work. It's what makes people different and awesome at the same time.
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