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  1. Hello EMC.

    Due to recent event I have decided I need to take a break from EMC from a mod stand point and as of right now I’ll be stepping down from my position of Moderator. As much as I love EMC and the people here I have gotten to know I’ll still be here ill still do the event I can host as a normal player.

    From a personal stand point I won’t be able to take part in this. There have been recent event outside of tonight ceiling fan event that have made me question my use here and have voiced these concern I feel on personal level being a in a position of power and responsibility id putting my stress level out the window. As a person with stress issue I feel it best I step down.

    I have enjoyed my time helping every one and we’ll continue to as I did before getting invited to the mod team.
  2. ...
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  3. I think we'll understand why you'd want to step down. Thank you for your service as an EMC staff member.
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  4. dang dude, i hope this whole night is a huge troll. you are one of my favorite mods and still going to be one of my favorite players. thanks for the mob arenas you held and for helping out emc.
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  5. That definitely sucks.
    Deathtomb, though I never really got to see you moderate in action, I did attend your super laggy parkour event (no offence) and it was fun as heck. I hope you assume your mod position once again in the future, and such. :p
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  6. I respect your decision.
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  7. +1 Peace Death
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  8. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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  9. Will the story contest continue or is that officially cancelled as of now?
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  10. what about the time capsult
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  11. I will miss having are Staff related adventures with you but still going to hang out with you in-game. :D Also D&D event will shut down because One D isn't enough to run D&D Mba Event. D&D Mba event ideas runs off Death and I talking back and forth about rounds and gags. #Buttercupintothesunset
  12. the contest is still on
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  13. I regret seeing you step down, but I understand your reasoning and I wish you well with your affairs. My apologies for letting my immediate concerns override my good sense. :confused:
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  14. EMC is dying :( slowly and painfully good luck death :)
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  15. Best of luck. Tonight has been Crazy and I don't think anyone can be blamed for needing a breather.
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  16. My main concern is my health at the current time and feel this is best for me. Just remeber im still here.
  17. Not necessarily take the Civil War for example, we fought, one side prevailed and we are a better country for it. :)

    if you need anything let me know :)
  18. As if today couldn't get any worse...
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  19. It could if chickeneer stepped down ;-;
  20. Wut. Why would I do that.