Star Trek: "It is green....."

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  1. Hi gang!

    I was going to post this in another thread at first but on second thought that seemed way too much out of place considering that the main topic is the sad passing away of Leonard Nimoy.

    But the thread made me bring back some childhood memories of Scotty. And while I won't bore you youngsters with some of the old "good" stuff I do think this scene is a true modern classic. Both Scotty and Data truly excel here:

    If the above doesn't work then click here.

    It is green...
  2. I don't get it but I guess its funny?
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  3. Sorry for the (very) late response. I totally missed this one back then. And since you're still active and all...

    The "It is green" joke is actually a classic which dates back to the original Star Trek series. And that's what makes the scene above so ingenious (in my opinion anyway). The crew of the Enterprise find themselves under the control of hostile aliens. At some point in the episode Kirk and Spock learn that the aliens took on human form and by doing so are now also open to human stimulus. As such the order: "distract them".

    Well... Leave that to old uncle Scottie who starts getting the alien completely drunk:

    click here if the video doesn't play

    If you don't want to watch the whole thing then simple skip to 1:40 and you'll see what this is all about ;)

    This scene is also a classic by the way. The way Scotty reacts when he has to open up his final bottle of scotch which he had been saving for so long....
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