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  1. Today we say good bye to the man that played Spock in Star Trek Leonard Nimoy at the age of 83

    I grew up with watching Star Trek, it was a program we watched as a family, it was great to see him return in the latest Star Trek Movie as sort of passing on the baton to the new younger cast.


    So who is or was your favorite Character from Star Trek. Finally a few thoughts from Spock

  2. Awww, that's just sad :(

    Same here with the growing up part and yeah, its sad. First Scotty, now Spock....

    Personally I don't share your opinion about Spock returning in the modern movies but alas; to be quite honest I don't have a very positive opinion about the modern movies in general. Well, the "re-doing the old stuff" part is what somewhat bugs me.

    Even so; he was awesome in his role as Spock. Interesting even ;)


    My favorite character was Scotty. First because of the accent and the way he was. I loved the scene where he started a brawl with the Klingons in a bar where Kirk assumed they were insulting him and as such Scotty was enraged because of that. Obviously not. Don't ever talk down to the Enterprise because if you insult her then you'll get an angry Scotty on your back.

    But the whole love for the character grew as I eventually got my job in ICT as a systems administrator / systems / server -engineer and (you see where this is heading, right?) I actually got the recognize some of the stuff Scotty did and the kind of recognition he got back for it.

    I really believe that sometimes the work Scotty put into keeping thing going WAY outweighs whatever the others are doing. Sometimes engineering is what makes the things work and makes sure they keep on working. Where most people take them for granted.

    But him being my favorite became even bigger when he returned in STNG.. hmm, dunno the name of the episode anymore. Either way; the crew found him where he managed to survive 30 or 60 years inside a teleporter (obviously rigged by himself).

    Sorry but... (old) Scotty vs. Le Forge? Scotty wins on credibility. He started talking about the Dyson Sphere and when you heard him it sounded as if it was real. As if he was truly, generously and totally in awe with the "technological achievement". And after Scotty's "rant" or "vent" all La Forge could say is: "Yeah, its really nice".

    Are you kidding me? ;)

    RE-EDIT: The episode I'm talking about is Relics. Season 6, Episode 4.

    Even so; I think this also reflects on the brilliance which is Star Trek. The old, passionate, engineer vs. the new and maybe a little less easy to impress engineer. It worked. And it was good.

    Because as an old guy I can really relate to Scotty in there. While a younger family member can really see La Forge's stance: "sure its nice, but they all left so.. its big but is it really good?".

    So yah :)
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  3. I hereby send my regards to Leonard Simon Nimoy.

    Humanity has once again lost a great person. A person that made our days happy, a person that made us smile, a person that made us laugh and cry.

    Dear Leonard, wherever you are sir, I hope you rest in peace, and that your legacy lives forever on.
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  4. I have to agree Scotty was always a favorite and the main man for keeping the ship together with his Dilithium Crystals,
    and old crew beats new crew'er crews hands down.

    I do the like the new scotty also though although he is mainly copying the characteristics of the original.
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  5. A true legend. Rest in peace, Leonard.
  6. Night gets just a little darker as the sky loses another star. Rest well, new adventures away.