Now hiring!! you can make over 10k/day

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  1. at tour job will be to collect wood and sell it to your provided chest! at the work area (/v 217) you are provided with a sell chest for every type of wood, your own storage area and an axe shop where you can buy axes to work with. in for payment there is a rank system the more you work the more you will make... you can make from 200r(+150r/stack)-2000r(+150r/stack) per day! with star inc we have many company party's, giveaways and competitions! interested in a job! or know someone who is, we pay you 3000r for every new employee you bring to! Join today by msging gianluca99star or commenting below!
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  2. The way you described it it sounds like a pyramid scheme lol
  3. lol, it does, doesn't it.. oops, well i can work on that lol but nah its not a pyramid scheme, until just awhile ago i didnt even know what a pyramid scheme is lol.. thanks for the feed back
  4. Whats a pyramid scheme
  5. yeah

    Is more like the customers of the company, or the profit of the company come from its own employees
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  6. But it doesn't seem like a scam, it's not necessarily stealing money from anyone, it's just like a type of AVON or Pampered Chef deal, right?
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  7. To me it sounds like you want us to sell you wood.
  8. We are not a scam and no where near one! the job is that you come to our HQ farms to work and mine wood which is sold to the chest in the storage area. we pay workers per stack they mine and per day they work. we have shops inside the Star.Inc HQ to insure that workers have what they will need at all times, if they choose to buy from them. workers are free to bring their own axes to chop. all the job is cut tree(provided farms) then sell wood(provided shop chest) and that's all.

    if there are any further question feel free to ask me!
  9. To me it literally sounds like you want your workers to A) get wood and B) sell the wood to you. Isnt that the same as just getting your own wood from your own plot and selling the wood to almost any store that buys items. Is there a difference? Do workers use auto tree farms? Again it sounds like you are any regular shop buying wood
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  10., huh? Reminds me of this. ;)
  11. we basically at the end of the day are are normal shop that buys wood, but were also more then that. you make more then just what the stack is, you also get daily pay of upto 2k and the wood/ first axe is provided!
  12. If you are still hiring I'll join!
  13. Hello Baycove.. we are still hiring please contact thamadd in game or private pm to get more information
  14. sounds like something I could do without joining this "" place why should I join?
  15. Hmmm youve grabbed my attention :eek:
  16. why should you join?
    -why not chop wood and be paid for it
    -why not get extra r for something so easy
    -we offer our staff many in company deals to help them and save them r
    -we treat our employees as friends and not workers

    if none of that interested you then all i can say to you is
    1. I hope you can re think it one day and maybe join us in the future
    2. Have a great day, hope to hear from you soon :)
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  17. grabbed your attention huh? well if you want more info about it and a tour of the building, you can reach out to me or thamadd for more help!
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  18. Well I suppose I may be interested in this wat is the address for this Star.Inc and if I am interested how do I join.
    Also if I do join do I have to constantly be doing this or is it a come and go as I please basis
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