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  1. First of all, this news is to remain within the staff eyes and ears only like all other posts in here until we're ready to officially announce the plan to public. This news would cause a pretty big uprising without knowing the final part of it, which can't be revealed yet as it would spoil a few surprises so we have to be a bit "sneaky" with this.
    April Fools...Trololol
    We're going to be moving to a new style of economy where items are traded for other items, and to accomplish this we need to rid of all the rupees. Just doing so in one big blast would upset a lot of players, so Aikar is writing a code that randomly "deducts" some rupees from players each day. These transactions won't show up on the log, so unless someone is SUPER paying attention, they won't notice.
    April Fools...Trololol
    The end result of this will be fantastic but nobody will see it that way up front so we have to be a bit sneaky about it here. Again, don't share this with ANYONE or it could blow up.
    April Fools...Trololol
    I'll be away doing some errands for a while so won't be able to respond to questions on this thread...but will get to it as soon as I get back.
  2. awesome
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  3. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing for Aikar to do.

    It's all in the grey text.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is AlexChance's decision now.
  5. I kind of liked having the rupees...
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  6. I think quite a few people did. But this change is for the best, and will make stuff like Dragon Tombs even more delayed epic!
  7. Looks like someone screwed up.
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  8. What if this isn't an April Fools joke and IcC just had really bad timing... ?
  9. Looks like someone doesn't have a sense of humor.
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  10. Looks like someone doesn't get the point.
  11. Oh goody, I get to keep my slimeballs.
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  12. I take it as it come's, thats the best way. Thought i liked the rupees as i donate to get them. Taking that away will stop me from donating just a thought.
  13. _

    April Fools Guys...
  14. It's not. Aikar mentioned this a few weeks back in mumble (he didn't realize his mic was on and was talking to Max), seems very legitimate. Max sounded quite upset at the idea tbh, but I think it's for the best. :)
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  15. That's what you said on the "Oh JustinGuy..." Thread...
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  16. Shh...
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  17. it say's it has to be a secret for all players and that it's only for staff. but i'm just a random player who can read it. so exually it's super public right now.
  18. MY FISH! NOOO!
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  19. Good to see Aikar is doing what he does great: improving economy. I cannot wait for this. Hurry up.