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Was this amazing or what?

Yes 5 vote(s) 20.8%
Super yes 19 vote(s) 79.2%
  1. Team, you are all required to go buy this deodorant. On the website the casing looks yellow, I promise you it's actually this color.

  2. Supported 110%
  3. Now available in the empire shop.

    There is one version that is also in the shape of a makeshift ban hammer!

    I wish dwight did not cut his hair, because he would have loved this (at least I think it is hair spray, possibly spray on deodorant).
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  4. Maxarias want this because it is EPIC! =D
  5. This has to be done! Like, Now!
  6. I already own this deodorant. :D;)

    It can be purchased at Target.
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  7. Shall I buy it to =D
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  8. Hehe what if Ban sponsored EMC :p
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  9. I wasn't expecting that at all xD
  10. I own it too =)
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  11. Maxarias said that it smells like lady-perfume
  12. If only they had an aerosol variant!
  13. lol
  14. I think one of the mods threw this at me the other day.
  15. Just picked this up my my local Tarjay(Target) smells disgusting awesome, looks absolutely hobo-ish like rich people stuff. I give it a -69/100 100/100! =) (I was not forced to write this)
  16. Ummmm...
    Is that true?
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  17. Yes and I am not joking that it is not the best!
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  18. ???????????? I have no idea who to trust, your *invisible* bad side or your.... Umm... Present side?
    *confused like crazy*
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