[Staff] Aikar has been defeated.

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  1. Cat attack.PNG I don't even know.PNG
    What if EMC made a new custom mob named "Aikar" and it would be a creeper with an ocelot ontop of its head?
  2. You have given me great ideas. O_O I'll post later with some magic pictures of wondrous Aikar plans.
  3. That would be interesting to see in the wild....
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  4. Look its Aikat

  5. i think it should be a extremely hard boss with a aikar player but not the real 1 just like Herobrine in the Herobrine mods and have health such as 500-1,000 and has a 1 in 100 chance of spawning and gives you about 3,000 tokens
  6. Or it should be super easy and drop a stack of beacons every time it dies.
  7. to over powered
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  8. There is no such thing as too over powered, you need to watch more SSundee
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  9. No its not, What makes you think that?
  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$<--
    It should drop a aikar egg
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  11. Aikar's head?? I'm guessing a bit too generous
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  12. It should be peaceful... Just throw rupees at people, an attempt to hurt the economy...
  13. my bad i should have said to overpowered for emc SSundee is overpowered i have been watching for a year aswell
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  14. No, not really. The price of beacons would drop considerably once people began to kill Aik-


    The economy destroyer would have to program this mob, and this mob would drop tons of beacons and drop their worth to possibly 0 rupees...

    ikar is deestroyung teh eeekonomee tis iz teh end of emc ;_;
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  15. Snip 1 2 complete.png
    Omg omg omg my editing skillz :cool:
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  16. Just because it would drop a stack of beacons wouldn't make it OP, What if there's a 1 in 1mil chance of a momentus to spawn into an Aikat mob? Beacon prices would remain the same and whoever does find an Aikat mob and kill it would well deserve the stack of beacons for their time and effort.
  17. that number is to high think of it as this.

    once every hour there is a 1 out of 100 percent chance of aikat spawning.

    this mob is passive until player gets in 60 blocks of him. then he will get an axe named the ban hammer and charge at you. your death message will be "_____ just got hit by the ban hammer of doom!" this will display around the whole server.

    He will summon his cat minions. they all are black cats named Don't Fight The AIKAT! wioth bold red text.

    if you die by these beasts with 30 hit points your death message will be "The Cats got to _____."

    If you kill Aikat he will drop multiple things... 30 to 64 diamonds, always 1 stack of gold ingots, he will drop a axe named Copied ban hammer this ban hammer will have sharpness 3 knock back 2 and the item is unbreakable final and soulbound. he also will drop 1 to 8 dragon stone fragments. he has 2 rare drops 1 is a dragon stone that has a 10% chance of dropping. the last one is supposed to be a collectible item that is a god apple called 'Aikat's Apple of Kats And Freedom (this would show up in bold and orange.)". this item has a 2% chance of dropping.

    last but not least Aikat him self. this cat adoring coding beast has speed 1 resistance 2 and strength 1. his ban hammer is a weapon that WILL one shot you he has a diamond axe called The Ban Hammer". this beast has sharpness 10. Aikat has 500 hit points. he also can "blink" once evry 30 seconds but he blinks behind you and when he blinks he gets slowness 2 for 5 seconds.

    oh my. That was a handful. well if you read all of that thank you.
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  18. I do not understand how Aikar continues to break the laws of the universe. His cat must be mutated or something. If I tried this with any cat, I would have no eyes.
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  19. No unbreakable please.