Staff Action Survey Results 2019

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  1. I like it :)
  2. Late reaction. I'm quite indifferent to the whole thing but there was one detail I couldn't help but noticing and well...

    I took the liberty to emphasize the part which I wanted to address.

    So yeah... I still think it is awesome that you guys also take the community itself into consideration when it comes to all this. Instead of going the "mini mod way" you guys actually provide room for the community to try and help themselves out. And trust me: I speak from personal experience when I say that this can be done.

    You don't need to be green to help your SMP stay clean ;)

    (lol, that just came up :D )

    But I'm honestly serious here. When a mod tells you "don't do that" it's obviously "them" against "you". But when a player tells you "please don't do that" and then gets back up from other players who obviously agree then this becomes a whole different ballgame. Then it's the community telling you "please don't", which is more than often enough to stop any more annoyances long before it can escalate.

    Still wanted to share...
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  3. Item purge is completely fair for all mining offences. Perma-ban is kind of heavy-handed IMO. Long bans, something like 6-months - 1-year would be a very solid punishment and give players an opportunity to learn their lesson and grow up a bit. This is coming from someone who is perma-banned for a mining offence who would love to come back, but unfortunately my appeal didn't go so well. Fingers crossed for new policies in the future. Keep up the good work EMC staff, sounds like you're moving in the right direction.