Staff Action Survey Results 2019

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  1. I totally agree.
  2. Pretty neat hopefully we get some new greenies
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  3. Yes, hopefully
  4. I ran out of time doing my staff application and was almost done with it, decided not to do it again... in the "why do you want to be a staff" box I wrote something like "hahahahaha, I don't"

    Would love to see more staff though *shrugs*
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  5. Nice seeing the results broke down like that! Great job!:D
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  6. Good data but I have a feeling it's not enough on regards of other related offences related to modding. I've said in the previous thread about it but wasn't acknowledged. Going into auto-clickers, auto-builders, anti-afk, ect. Will the punishments be set to as someone using X-Ray?
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  7. These were discussed at length with the community more recently so not included in this survey. Some aspects are being discussed staff side though.
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  8. This is great, I can't wait for new staff to appear!!
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  9. So what is the current punishment for using autoclicker and other things that aren't hacking?
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  10. because Krysyy preplanned this thread and copy and pasted what she wrote beforehand onto here
  11. I figured it out after 6 seconds, just wanted to reference that whole YouTube thing with like 12 views and 100 comments XD
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  12. I don’t like that new players get warnings and old ones get kicked to the curb, the majority of new players who hack literally come on the server to hack, ruin some people’s creations, and if they have another account they continue to do so. That’s really how it is with them, I doubt any new player would get on, hack, and then stop after being warned, if anything, old players should get the warning since they actually care about the server and only did that on the down-low because they are in need of a certain thing.

    Just my $0.02
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  13. Well, my $.02 is that old players should know better, and if they care for the server they would think before they speak. And I'm not sure if you know but you can apply to be unbanned and have a second chance :p
  14. I like the update of rules! It really shows how much you appreciate our opinion as well :D
    I agree, but I also disagree. Some players are genuinely new and don't know that it's against the rules, (even though it should be obvious) and you learn this the longer you play EMC/Minecraft multiplayer. Also, EMC isn't as popular as it used to be, (or so I've heard) so we could really use some new players - banning them all wouldn't help :p
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  15. The warning stated is in place for those new players who genuinely may not understand the limits of the rules, or the fact we take them seriously. Intent is always considered. Players that intentionally hack or grief for the sake of doing so will continue to be punished strongly. The only difference is giving a slight benefit of the doubt to ignorance of the rules in the first 10 days.
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  16. Will we hear these aspects in later updates?
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  17. If/when something changes with how things are handled, we'll update the community with the information they should know.
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  18. The problem with band on end in specific is the purge, one mess up and you loose all your stuff, I personally am lucky enough to have escaped the purge once for other reasons, but I know others who haven’t, maybe it’s a problem with the bans itself, maybe there should be a permaban that can be appealed and another permaban after that with a purge and the third permaban is unappealable, so like 3 strikes and you’re out kinda thing.

    What you think about that @Krysyy?
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  19. It's dependent on the rule that is broken. Xray for example will almost always include a purge because we have to get rid of the ill-gotten items. Every case is treated separately though as no two are the exact same. Even something as simple as the player's attitude in the appeal will lend to the decision if a permanent ban is reduced to a temporary one, and thus not needing a purge.

    For clarification sake though, every ban may be appealed.
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  20. For me personally staff are 10/10 and I like it.
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