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  1. I forgot to do this, but I suppose later is better than never. I'm Shannon, I'm 16 and a Sophomore in high school. I make straight A's, I love reading, playing Minecraft (Empire Minecraft is by far my favorite MP server), and other things; But I love watching anime more than anything else. I enjoy helping people in every way possible...and I believe in fairness...that's why my mini-stores prices are so cheap. xP Anyway, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
  2. Nice anime girl with purple hair and completely blue eyes. :p
  3. You're telling me. ;)
  4. Well, I already think you're awesome, but officially --WELCOME :D
  5. Thank you, Marg. xD
  6. dude, Dude, DUDE. You got this player, right, everyones welcoming with the" You're Awesome"'s and "Nice anime"'s, and you say "welcome" seriously. Seriously. SERIOUSLY? YOU BETTA SAY SOMETIN NICE!!!!

    :p:p:p:p(This has been a troll, no harm intended):p:p:p:p
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  7. Thank you. :)
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  8. no problem
  9. Welcome to the Empire :) Glad to have you, how did you find us?
  10. Thank you...and basically, I was going on a server spree, trying to find the best...and I found this one..
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  11. Well, I think you've achieved your goal of finding the best. Welcome to the Empire!
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  12. Good grades, and a gamer, BLASPHEMOUS! Do you have plans for college/career yet?
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  13. Welcome aboard! Keep up the studies and good grades. Extensive knowledge really can make a difference later in life. Not just with earning potential, either, but with things like confidence and capability.
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  14. While I wish I could say yes...I really can't. I have so many things that I enjoy doing, from Science to English, Computer Technology to Engineering. I really do not know...and the same goes with the college choices. I know, it's probably cheaper to go to a college in state, but considering no one would live near me by the time I get into college, I would probably want a college closer to home.
  15. Thank you! :) That's what I've heard, so I plan to keep the grades at their peak.
  16. I refuse to believe that is your natural hair color.
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  17. Sadly, I have nothing clever to actually say as a reply... Yea, I'm a brunette. :oops:
  18. Welcome! The Empire is an awesome place, I agree, did the server spree and I keep coming back to this one. Even had my sister move next door to me on the same server.

    Don't feel too bad about the college thing. I am 23 and still not sure what I want to go for. I went for a bit for a few things but still trying to get it sorted what I want to get a degree in. I also let other peoples' opinions influence me too much. Just do what feels right to you.
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  19. Thanks for the welcome. :) Yea, I'm told I have plenty of time...I'm just not that certain. And I let other people influence me WAY too much as well. . .I just can't stand hurting someones feelings. But, what can ya do. Anywho, Thanks for the welcome once more. :)
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