[SSSS Event] Dunk Tank (February 8th 3pm EMC Time)

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  1. That's right EMC, it's time for the first ever SSSS Event!

    Dunk Tank
    February 8th 2015, 3pm EMC Time. Noon Pacific Time
    6700 SMP3
    What is Dunk Tank:
    Dunk Tank is a game developed and built by the SSSS. Basically 1 player must shoot a button that is down a long range on a tall pillar. There are 3 buttons that are all attached to trap doors. Shooting the buttons will open the trap door and a person getting dunked.
    1. To be a shooter a random attendee will have to answer a quiz question, the first person to answer correctly will have 10 shots to try to dunk all 3 people.
    2. If any player uses any kinds of glitches/cheats, they will be banned from the event and any future SSSS events.
    Donation: As with any SSSS event we will use crowd funding to try to make this event as cool as possible. For every 6k that is donated we will be adding 1 more round to the initial 5 rounds for a total of 15 rounds.
    Current Number of Rounds: 7
    Rupee Prizes: 3k For the Far Pillar,2k For the Middle Pillar,1k For the Close Pillar.

    Promo Prizes: If a player is able to hit all 3 Pillars with 10 arrows they will get to choose a promo from the promo chest as well as the 6k. Current promos available: Unused Dancer, 2015 EMC Firework, or a Dragon Stone Fragment.

    BevK56: 5k
    PenguinDJ: 12k

    For more info about the SSSS Click Here
  2. Bump! It would appear that we have our 1st guest dunkie! This will be announced later today.
  3. Bump, in the name of dunk tanks! The event is approaching rapidly :D
  4. To whom would I send rupees to as a donation?
  5. Is there anyway I could volunteer to get dunked?
  6. Just go to 16661, then to the donation centre and choose whichever you'd be interested in donating :D

    I would PM mman2832 about that :p
  7. ok will do, thanks :D
  8. I'm actually pretty sure we already have our 3 dunkies, but I'm sure we could use you in the future.
  9. Ok no worries, just sent me a message, Im always willing :D
  10. Do you just show up to dunk the people?
  11. And win prizes, please see the rules/logistics section of the OP
  12. Thanks so much to PenguinDj for donating 12k! because of him there will now be 7 rounds instead of 5!
  13. Only about 4 hours till we start!
  14. This awesome can't wait!