[Event Crew] The Spontaneously Sweet Shindig Shaker-Uppers (SSSS)

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What days for an event would work best for you?

Saturday 19 vote(s) 73.1%
Sunday 9 vote(s) 34.6%
Monday 6 vote(s) 23.1%
Tuesday 6 vote(s) 23.1%
Wednesday 6 vote(s) 23.1%
Thursday 7 vote(s) 26.9%
Friday 12 vote(s) 46.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Introducing

    The Spontaneously Sweet Shindig Shaker-Uppers (SSSS)

    Our Goal
    To provide fun events for all EMC members to participate in. These events will be entirely player run and will focus on awarding lots of players cool prizes. We Will try to vary the times of these events players from all over the world can participate. To achieve this goal the SSSS is split up into 3 small groups that all build and operate fairly independently, yet still work together to manage and run events.
    Current Members:
    Mman2832 (Co-Founder)
    Cadenman2002 (Co-Founder)
    Hashhog3000 (Co-Founder)

    Current Event:
    Date: TBA
    Event: TBA
    Location: TBA
    Current Crowd Funding Goals: TBA

    Possible Events:
    Dunk Tank (6700) =-=-=Bow Spleef=-=-=Parkour=-=-=Hole in 1
    Drop Party=-=-=Grief Party=-=-=Horse Races=-=-=Build Party
    Scavenger Hunt=-=-=Parkour=-=-=Rainbow Runners
    Please PM all of the founders if you have an Idea for an event.

    For the SSSS we use a crowd funding system to make our events that much better. If you don't know what that is, basically the more that is donated the better the event gets. We will set up community goals that, once reached offer perks to the event (like more rounds).
    100% of donations go into winners pools unless specified.

    If you wish to donate to any of these events please see the first post for more information.

    Current Group Photo:
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  2. More Donation Info

    How to donate:
    1. Go to 16661 on SMP8
    2. Head to the left and enter the donation building
    3. You may buy from any of the donation chests in that building
    4. PM the founders And let them know you donated
    5. (optional) Mail one of the founders your head so it can be displayed on the donor wall

    Item Donations:
    Only some items are accepted in any quantity to try and maintain the quality of event prizes however, any items can be donated in SC or more.
    Items that can be Donated in any quantity:
    Lapis=-=-=Redstone=-=-=Quartz=-=-=Glowstone=-=-=EXP Bottles
    Horse Armor=-=-=Good Horses=-=-=Obsideon=-=-=Dragon Stone Fragments
    Diamond Armor/Weapons=-=-=Mob Heads=-=-=Beacons
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  3. Update 1: A little work was done on 6700 (Dunk Tank) hopefully it will be done sometime this week!
  4. Thumbs up / Like for the name! :)
    Love the idea; hopefully you will see a donation from me sometime in the future. ;)
  5. Sounds fantastic :3 how about a avalancher pvp lol
  6. Just FYI guys we are not taking any new members right now, but after we run our first event and confirm this will be an ongoing thing we will make an application.
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  7. Update 2: more work was done on 6700 hopefully it will be done soon.
  8. Will be building spawn point on 6700, SMP3, this weekend. We can't wait to get dunked! :p
  9. m8, i r8 that 8/8
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  10. Thanks BevK56 for your 5k Donation!
  11. I could let you guys use my res on SMP9 for an event (I can also move it)
  12. Thanks Markethan13 for your stone donation!
  13. Also thanks for your donation of a 2015 EMC Firework, Unused Dancer and DSF!
  14. Update 3:6700 is finally done, be on the lookout tonight for our first ever event!
  15. Thanks PeguinDJ for donating 12k!
  16. Aha, I knew I had seen this!
    I was already watching the event thread, but I guess I should watch this too.
    I'll see how this goes and think about donating :)
  17. Looks like Hash, Caden and I are gonna be restarting soon! Be on the Look Out for an application to join soon!
  18. Are you still taking donations?
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