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  1. Hello fellow builders or whatever your playstyle is,

    im a humble scandinavian (more specific Danish) so dont be to rough on me for my weird danish-merged-to-english gramatic/spelling. I have actually been among you for some time, but that was before mr reallife took me hostage. I did manage to escape and im now back. Right now im laying low on smp3 seeking out trustworthy companions maybe doing the same. Currently im building my first shop, with an ocdish touch so im trying to make it perfect before the grand opening. You are more than welcome to come visit me at 7070 and have a look, constructive feedback would be much appreciated. Mr reallife isnt done with me yet but i plan to do my final escape monday. Hope to see you then :)
  2. Welcome to the Empire. Can't wait to check your shop out sometime, always nice to check what others have in store(d) for us ;-)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire, JoxBox. :)
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  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! Glad to see positive energy in the emc community like always :)
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  5. Would you by chance happen to be fluent in Danish
  6. Aha! I am a spy hired by Mr. Reallife and you shall be taken by him again!
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  7. Yeah i would like to think so as i have lived in Denmark all of my 20 years on planet earth :)

    Pls kind spy, just 5 minutes more on emc is all i ask for.
    Have mercy for gods sake!
  8. Welcome back JoxBax, never met you but I am also on smp3 so may see you around. :)
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  9. Yeah Im here for the long haul, there is a good chance we were to bump in to each other at some point :)
  10. Any tips on learning Danish for a native English speaker
  11. That really depends on speaking the language itself or understand writting, both is really complicated.
    Then again Danish is like learning chinese (so i have heard) and is very difficult to learn as im sure you already know :)
    My English teacher which is a native English speaker like yourself told me all about it. He learned it really fast, its all about being consistent and not giving up. And btw there is nothing more badass hearing a person speaking Danish with an English accent. :)

    Are you planning to move to Denmark?