Squid Farm Blog Post

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Mar 28, 2014.

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  2. that's really cool

  3. omg I was just looking on youtube how to build one yesterday and couldnt find any good designs :) thanks
    *hundreds of players go out and build a squid farm* :p
    edit: :(
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  4. Please don't post "first" type comments on the blog :)
  5. *sadface*
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  6. *ink price crashes*
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  7. Yay! Enjoy my first contribution everyone!*
    *bemvino87 is in no way responsible for the ruination of any economies
  8. Yes he is.
  9. Only flaw: Hopper = Lag = EMC Sad = Aikar /tembans = Player Sad = EMC gets DDOSed = Players Bored = Bad First Impression For First Time Players = No More First Time Players
  10. Hm, I think you're thinking a little too fast.
  11. *bemvino87 is also not responsible for any lag machines, leg monsters, crashed servers, holes in the ozone layer, or undercooked pancakes.
  12. You can build this just fine without the hoppers. It's more convenient but not altogether necessary.

    Nice post, bemvino :)
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  13. To make aikar happy: use water to move the items to a single block that hopper pulls from, so its 1 hopper instead of 400 :p
  14. We are already ruining the economy for you. Don't be picky :p.
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  15. Can this extend to all areas of the Empire?:D:D:D:D
  16. That would be nice, but unless you are withing 8 blocks items haven't moved reliably in water of over a year now
  17. WHYYY
    I was gunn make millions
    I already knew about this. :p

    Also, you ought to give the guy who actually created it credit.
  18. My pathetic excuse for a breakfast is indeed your fault.