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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Olaf_C, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. As many of you know, yearly I host an award to reward those who help make the empire community so strong. Last years contest was a complete success and I plan to have it again soon. Funds are almost completely raised and the whole contest in planned out. This year I will need more spies.

    Last years contest had some problems behind the scene due to the low number of spies and low slots. With a new, more crowded server, we have many good people helping the community grow. I don't want people to act nice just for the award so I employ these spies to make sure people to make sure I find people who are acting nice just because and not for the hopes to win the award. Last year I had ten spies which was to little, so this year there are 27 opening spots for the job.

    Last year several people left, quit, were banned, or just were really lazy. This year I am going to be EXTRA careful when selecting these spies.

    I have an application here to apply for the job. Applying does not mean you are automatically accepted. I will only pick the best and brightest.

    EDIT: Do not say "thread sent" or tell me you sent it via private message in game or on the site. Also, serious responses. Please ask questions via private message if you have a question about the application, then it is okay. Only reply with meaningless questions that do not give you away to help keep the thread bumped ;).
  2. You aren't supposed to talk about it on the forum that you applied...
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  3. Or you know. Press the 'delete' button.
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  4. xd
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    People will have some idea that you could be a spy and that no longer makes it secret. Common sense please :).
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  6. Please delete the posts and nothing happened

    I lost meh' chance NUUU ; - ;
  7. Sorry skrillex, cannot accept you.
  8. ;-;

    I should have known... *FACEDESK*
  9. Bump! I already have 15 applications!
  10. Excluding me? :(
  11. Not much of a spy now, people know you applied :p
  12. He was disqualified from the application earlier since he said it out loud.
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  13. I regret it....
  14. Can i apply as a forum spy? :D
  15. You just lost your chance :/
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  16. Seriously? Please read the whole thread.
  17. Well, i was banned on the server but i can stil use forums?
  18. Even if you could be a Forum Spy, you ruined the chance by asking in the thread.
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