Spring cleaning in the fail... fall

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  1. So... I have been thinking for a while that I should stop lazily putting a bunch of files that I save(that actually have an appropriate folder...) on my desktop. My desktop used to have about 4 things on it. I generally go through every computer I have and delete almost every program that comes installed when I get it besides the "bare essentials" and sometimes those aren't necessarily essentials but backups to better programs that I use. (windows media player, *cringe* vs VLC)

    I think perhaps it has come time to do this. Who else is brave enough to post a picture o their cluttered desktop? Of course I expect plenty of people with completely empty desktops to post as well just to show us how lazy we really are ;-)

    Oh and if you can't tell by the desktop, playing minecraft is about all I do anymore...

    Edit: just did like the fifth look over to make sure there wasn't anything inappropriate on my desktop... emc you are making me modest :(

    Also, the reason I was using an older looking version through what is actually windows7 was because of an update swtor did that wreaked havoc on my graphics card. I tried just about everything and eventually got to where I could average about 2fps in my pvp matches -_- which really is the reason I started minecraft but not the reason i stayed.

    And of course this screenshot is now saved on my desktop... a picture of my desktop on my desktop labeled as "desktopfail"
  2. That is the most beautiful thing I've seen on this planet.
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  3. Looks Clean, But in that "EVERYTHING" Folder there's a crap ton of files, videos(that i make for YouTube), games editing programs, literally everything that i shoved into that folder
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  4. Lol
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  5. Tayla put me to shame :)
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  6. Clean desktop, you say?

    I can't stand having too many things on mine. I clean it off pretty regularly :oops:
    I have Windows 7 as well, my computer is rather old and that's the last operating system it can handle! lol.
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  7. For some reason, I've never had a problem with this. I just add new folders when I have a new category.
    I am putting mine in a spoiler because my desktop has mild language.
    This is a photo I took in Pisa. I find it ironic, yet very intriguing. #themoreyouknow
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  8. My desktop used to be neat but I have a faulty HDMI switcher so every time I restart my PC, it changes resolution for a second and moves all of my logos where it wants them to be :p I need a new HDMI switcher, then I can be neat again... It's so painful watching them move into off positions ;-; At least, I hope it's the switcher if it's the switcher that I'm going to replace... :rolleyes:
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  9. I'm terribly neat with my desktop, it has been in this same format for a years now.
    I change the background image every time I go on a photo shoot, I actually take photos so the top right corner is always open for my Icons.
  10. That is dedication agonnaldia
  11. Now that's what a desktop should look like. Only difference is I have 'My Computer' folder on top of recycling bin. :p I take better care of my PC then my apartment.
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  12. Here's mine:

    Of course, that "desktop" folder is, well... not the neatest. ;)
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  13. You people are far too cluttered.

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  14. I'm doing this right now XD thanks for helping me be lazy Penguin ;-)

  15. For all of you who can't find anything on your desktops.
  16. 2x 1920x1080
    This is my desktop. I am using two monitors (both monitors are 1920x1080 and both monitors match). The files in the "Files" folder are very organized; it's not very messy inside that folder. :)

    super resolution 2x 2560x1440

    2x 1920x1080 different wallpaper

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