Spooky Egg Glitch?

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  1. Yesterday, I went to the shop on Smp1 and bought a Spooky Egg. After I right clicked it, it floated off and fell into water. When I went down into the water to find it, it just died right in front of me and dropped a regular piece of chicken.

    I spent 15,000 rupees on that egg, and now I can't even use it any more. Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just me?
  2. That's a shame. It seems you were eggcited to get it.

    Did this make you eggstremely mad? Anybody know how to fix this?
  3. I think there's a disclaimer at the purchase spot in /shop, that says it tends to have major bugs, and that it's not refundable. So I'm guessing you had that bug, sorry bruh :/ that or it drowned.
  4. it is most likely that because of this bug with the automatic killing thing that aikar and krysyy have told us about. so i think that would be the reason your egg died sorry mate :eek::mad::confused::(
  5. Please contact Aikar about this problem, I'm not sure if this is a bug/glitch or just normal.
  6. Where what res!
  7. The Empire Shop.
  8. Doesn't sound like a bug really, just more of animal damage is on and it drowned. I'll think about making it invincible but it's meant to be treated as any animal. The netherhound eggs can drown just the same
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  9. thats why i wait :p
  10. How does one obtain a Not so spooky egg?
  11. Buy it from the Empire Shop.
  12. NOT SO spooky egg.
  13. You can't get them any more.
  14. sure you can, they're still available at /shop
  15. He said Not So Spooky Egg, which is apparently a different thing than the Spooky Egg.
  16. I just had the same thing happen to me, it spawned two feathers and than sat on my floor. I logged off and came back on, and picked it up as a regular egg.
  17. When you buy them there is a disclaimer sign saying beware eggs my disappear.
  18. Yes but about a day he sent out a reboot alert who's purpose was to fix the bugs with it...After the reboot I bought it thinking all was good.
  19. the spooky egg is just a chicken that appears as a floating egg. so it lays eggs. are you sure it wasn't just an egg you saw that it laid and not the actual spooky egg? it's probably still wandering around.
  20. sounds to me like the invisible chicken behind the egg laid an egg and died...
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