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  1. Pretty sure it is not just me but I have noticed that the Sponge block is not sold in the EMC shop. Can they please be sold there? If not why?
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  2. It, bedrock and all heads besides wither skulls are not listed because you can only get them in creative. Everything else pretty much you can acquire in game.
  3. Sponges have no use and are bad building blocks.
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  4. Not if you have a texture pack that makes it look good :p

    I think it should be in the shop but not be cheep like 10k for one block or something. so its more like a novelty item and that way you wont see a res that's a huge block of sponge :cool: (not that id do that if it were cheep /wink)
  5. Remember when you can only get Chain Armor in creative? That didnt stop them from selling that.
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  6. Before shears could get webs; webs were a creative only thing for a while, until 1.4

    Anyhow, shop still sold it before
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  7. I believe the reason this particular block isn't being currently sold is that there may be a planned official use for it at some point in the future. :)
  8. You believe, eh? :D
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  9. Yup, i'm a believer. :p
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  10. I'm a belieber..
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  11. I would much rather hear that than anything about those pony people.
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  12. inb4 flame war
  13. untitled.png
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  14. I think a special shop should be setup for sponge like the 60k items, cause I also want these beautiful blocks
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  15. Actually sponges have special "sponge" properties which enable them to absorb water from flowing within a certain radius. They also have a unique texture which can of course be used to to decorate a building ;)
    5x5x5 area per sponge is space where water cannot exist, if so will automatically be deleted by the sponge: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Sponge
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong but, that was taken in out way before 1.0...
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  17. Not anymore Stads.... that was taken away long ago... even though i liked what it did :(
  18. Okay, thanks for clarifying. Stupid wiki of Stupid Stads for not reading enough of it? :p