Spleef and Mob Arenas

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  1. Hey i was wondering if you guys were thinking about adding a spleef and mob arena
    ...and each level we get to in the mob arena we get prizes
  2. ^^^ What he said.

    I bet EMC would run spleef arenas but they would have to involve replacing the Material used after every game.
  3. As the mob arena has already been posted, I would like to say there IS already a spleef arena. Its at /fun on SMP5, I think.
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  4. Yes. Mob arena is already in place on smp5 and run by Maxarias
  5. Anyone remember the Nether Spleef that Dark_Liz would occasionally run?
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  6. Smp1 /v netherspleef

    A remake done by staff with Dark_Liz's design is still there, with Dark_Liz's head on top :)
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  7. There actually is a spleef arena if you do /fun on Smp3. But you have to replace the blocks when done :)
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  8. It would take about 30 seconds to fix, they have world edit.