Spider xp grinder help

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  1. That's just crazy.... :eek: :D
  2. I funnel mine out of the spawner areas with water and then drop them down to a 1 hit kill. Also, an afk cart is a must ;)
  3. is a what? :confused:
  4. afk cart = little minecart track that you ride around on while you are afk to keep the beasties spawning.
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  5. OH ..heck yeah... I understand now. Very good. I got kicked by the "still" timer several times and one time when I logged back in I was 100 blocks higher. Talk about LOST for a few min. :D

    Thank you.
  6. How do you drown them some, but not till death? Could you post a pic?
  7. I can't believe I never thought of this!
  8. Spiders become Nuetral Mobs in sunlight unless you attack them so don't worry. :)
  9. I know how to make a skeleton spawner and share one with NCH_APOCALYPSE and get quite a bit of xp from that. If you ever need help doing that just call. :)
  10. make a water stream auround the spawner and float them to a fall hole which is 14 blocks deep (and dont forget a block above it so the spiders cant jump) when the spiders hit the ground the only got a half heart left and you can easily kill them with 1 hit with your hand
  11. Anti afk kick roller coasters arent allowed. The afk kick system is there for a reason.
  12. Never heard of that. :/
  13. I've never heard of this either, and I need to know, because I have been using those, assuming it was fine.
    Can we get some input from a mod or admin on this, please :)

    I always assumed that the idle kick was for folks who really weren't doing anything -- when I use my coasters it's to keep monsters spawning, or to collect eggs for my roasting machine. I'm not really "doing nothing", you know?
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  14. I usually spawn at the bottom of the ocean, or [rarely] inside the grinder where I subsequently die a horrible death of a thousand spider bites while my brains are greedily devoured by a mob of zombies.
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  15. Yeah. and I think this afk-kick got a bug too. I was standing still (but I was playing) killing mobs. then got kicked for afk.
  16. That getting-kicked-while-standing-still-killing-mobs-thing happens to me sometimes too!
  17. I'm pretty sure it doesn't care if you're swinging a sword or not. The algorithm only checks your actual location and kicks you if you are at the same coordinates at consecutive time points. If I'm not mistaken, this means that you could even physically move to a new location, but if you happen to be back at the same location on the next check that you will get kicked--but I could be mistaken.

    [edit] I'm also guessing that the re-spawning in a different location is due to rounding errors. If you've ever noticed, your x-y-z coordinates are always some goofy decimal even if you're standing on solid ground. So, I think the algorithm rounds to the nearest whole number and re-spawns you there. If the new spawn point happens to be in a solid block, the system moves you to the nearest "safe" place directly above the calculated spawn point. Never mind that the new "safe" place might be inside your grinder, in lava, or at the bottom of the ocean. It's annoying, but it's a lot less frustrating now that we don't lose all of our XP when we die.
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  18. I'm pretty sure that it tracks movement - If you don't move at least X blocks from a certain location within a given time period, then you get kicked.
  19. Yea I was in a shelter at that time. and there are like 30 angry endermans wanted to whoop my butt. lol
  20. In my experience this is correct. I read somewhere that chatting resets the timer, which seems to work for me. Just say something in chat every 8 or 9 minutes (I believe the kick time is 10) and you should be fine.