Spider xp grinder help

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  1. I have come across several cave spider spawners and 1 spider spawner within a small area. I am about to you tube xp grinders. Does anyone have any extra advice?
  2. You may want to use an upward-flowing water type thing to take them to a sun-burning chamber. Mobs drop XP when they burn in sunlight.
    Also, how small of an area are they in?
  3. Hmm.. I never honestly made an xp grinder with spiders. Dunno what you can do. Possibly like piston made killing machine and you kill them all in 1 hit :p? Or a dropper which they spawn and they fall taking most damage..?

    Eh Its what i had in mind.
  4. I don't think mobs drop xp when they burn in sunlight. You have to do the final hit to get xp.
  5. No, it's easier if you make them burn in sunlight. That way, they drop XP without you having to hit them with anything, they just die and you collect EXP.
  6. Actually, it is a bug that they drop XP when sunburned. If you go out in a morning, you will find mob items next to XP orbs. It works.
  7. Spiders don't burn in sunlight period.
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  8. They don't?? If so, I did not know that. I guess there are more than just creepers to fear in the morning XD
  9. I hold possesion to what in told is "The best cave spider mob trap ever". Im sure i could help you make a good rig :)
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  10. Spiders turn passive if they are in sunlight, or if they are in enough torch/glowstone light
  11. easiest way is to soround in cobble and use fences to open it to kll them.thats what i do with them
  12. There are 2 cave and 1 regular spider spawners within 16 blocks of each other.
  13. ya so just make a big one with water flowing to the wall so u can kill them
  14. I'll give it a shot. thanks.
  15. ok.it works fine for me.but i have never tried one that big.so good luck.
  16. Just wanted to say that after reading this I tested the xp drop upon burning, and it yielded 0 xp. Watched a zombie burn in the sunlight to death. It gave me rotten flesh but no xp. You have to hit them within a certain amount of time before they die to receive any xp.
  17. Always good to prove for yourself because some can play for many months and still have no clue. ;)
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  18. Stick with Blaze Spawners 10xp per kill, plus the rods are a bonus. Best way to level :)
  19. I drop em down enough for a stone sword 1hit KO.
    4 cave spider spawner within 16 block and "anti-AFK" little-roller-coaster. ;)
    Go do something else for an hour (I mean outside of minecraft. I go read EMC forum and my college books.)
    And comeback for bunch of XP
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