Spawner business!

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  1. If it is a 4 spider 1 zombie ship it :)
    (too me)
  2. Please a double doesn''t matter wich mobs.
  3. He's not selling, you supply the spawners, he makes the grinder around them.
  4. what spawners do you sell for 1000 or less?
  5. Single Cave spider. haha.
  6. Have u got a triple zombie or skele or hybrid of those?
  7. Nope. I have NOTHING for sale.
    I really need lots of people wanting me to sell there spawners, then I'll reopen business.
  8. I have a blaze on smp1
  9. How much ya want for it?
  10. WAIT....... Would you make a cave spider exp farm for whatever you want if i supplied you the materials you need?
    Or should i just try a grinder making business?
  11. So, I would like a zombie spawner, preferably on smp8/smp6/smp9/smp3, seeing as I don't go on them at all. I would prefer it to not be in a jungle biome(long story), and not over 2500 blocks out. Thanks.
  12. I woul like a single skeleton Spawner on smp1 not more than 2000 blocks from an outpost pls thank you XD
  13. I quit EMC a while back. I do not know why this is being bumped. If a mod sees this, please close it, and if a mod doesn't, then I ask you guys to not post anything else. Thanks.