Spawner business!

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  1. Dylan, Please don't advertise your spawners on my thread. That's rude.
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  2. I want a double skele/zombie on any server or 3+ cavespider spawners
  3. Do you know how much that would cost you? It being so specific and a 5x mob spawner.
  4. No no not double zombie is seperate from cavespiders, just either on i meant
  5. Ohhhh. Sure thing!
  6. its not rude. maybe someone wants a blaze spawner and you dont have one what then ? plus the title doesnt help you either
  7. But it is rude. If you want to sell a blaze spawner I have NO problem with that, but make your own thread selling it.
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  8. hey manglex how much u selling a spot for
  9. What do you mean?

    Edit: Like a single spawner? 500-1.5k depending.
  10. What kind of spawners you sell
  11. im looking for a skele and zombie either one will do
  12. You want either? Or both at the same time? It would be like 5-6k for a double spawner zombie/skele.
  13. you have one?
  14. I'm going to edit the first page with what I have, as I get it guys. ^_^
  15. Hey, I've kind of stumbled upon loads of blaze spawnes lately. I can sell you the ownership of them, if you like.
  16. I would be happy to join this little business and set up traps, not spiders or blaze
  17. It all depends chicken.
  18. were buying the res then giving it away so log on now
  19. Alex... I have a 3-4 cave spider 1 skeletal spawner... interested?
  20. Already got Mang's :)
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