Spawner business!

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  1. Hi guys! I dig in the wilderness for minerals. ALOT. I find spawners like you wouldn't believe! So post here with what you want and I'll see if I can find it and we can pm about a price, but most of all I hope I can help you guys find the spawner location you want!:)

    Guidelines below! Please read them before posting!!

    Edit: (Disclaimer of sorts) Once you buy it and I take you there, I will not bother it again and it will be YOURS. Ex: You can't accidentally break the spawner and then demand a refund.

    Edit: I will only do specific mobs up to 3x mob spawners. 4x Must be a special order, and I don't do 5x mob spawners.

    Double Skeleton
    Triple Spider + Single Zombie (Reserved)
    Double Skeleton
    Double Skeleton
  2. do u have a quadriple zombie?
  3. Do they have those? I found a double zombie earlier?
  4. hehe yeah people have spawners of 6 different mixed, but i already have a double blaze I'm just trolling, message me if u find anything above 3-4 spawners ok?
  5. I wanna buy one,Please PM me with what you got....
  6. What server do you have spawners on? I may like a Zombie or Skeleton one.
  7. Any. It just may take some time to find what you want.
  8. I would like it on smp7 but any other server would be fine. Other than utopia.
  9. If you manage to find a 3-4 cave spider, please let me know :)
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  10. :p jealous of muffin aye?
  11. Lolno?
  12. find me a skelliton spawner and make it a drop grinder plz
  13. He can't build anything on them. If you want to buy the spawner, you have to buy it basically unmodified. After that you can hire someone to come and build a grinder on it.
    And if you come across a lot of spawners that can be hooked up to one grinder, let me know.
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  14. Grinders

    1. TerryDaTerroristActive Member

      Hi ICC I was wondering if you can sell the "location" of a pre-made grinder?
      OR sell services which include the location of a spawner?

      Want Wood? Want alot? Come and Subscribe!

      Are you new and need armour, food and tools? I sell them for cheap!

    2. IcecreamCowAdministrator

      If YOU made the grinder, yes. If you just happened to find one, we ask that you do not unless you know an have permission from the person who made it.

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  15. Ah. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification :)
  16. Cost quite a bit extra. I don't mind for single spawners but like, combining 3-4 cave spider spawns is tricky. Lawlz
  17. Hey guys,you must know it does take me time to find these, so please pm me if you need it pronto.

    & I should make a list of orders... lawlz.
  18. Alex I have a 3spider 1 zombie, Are you intrested?
  19. Im looking for a double blaze on utopia