SparerToasters 505th Day! (AMA+Rupee Giveaway)

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  1. Well, 505 days. Can't say I've been a part of a community for this long. And even though I have practically faded into obscurity, I am still here. Rarely do I play on the servers or post on the forums but I do like to pop in once and a while.

    Just a little story for you all, I first found EMC sometime in March just after purchasing Minecraft. I never tried another server. EMC was perfection; friendly people, functional staff, it was easy to enter; all that good stuff. I set up a shop, which went nowhere. I started posting on these forums, which went somewhere. As I posted on the forums and made a reputation for myself I advanced in the community server-side, still being just about nowhere. I made a few friends, (Pen, Legit, all those people in the ponies conversation) and that's about it. I was never a remarkable member, maybe I made one of the first bookstores, but that is all. So there you are, my condensed and boring story.

    Now, for what people actually came here for. The giveaway! I will be giving away 25,000 rupees. When, you might ask, when is a number going to be drawn? On Thursday, some point in time. And now you might ask, how do I enter? The answer is to post, and you will be part of the list. This is also an AMA, so a question would be nice... But anyway, post and you're in. No alts either, that's cheating.

    TL;DR version: I am old, I did nothing. I am taking questions. Post and get rupees.
  2. Congratz on your 505 EMC days, do you like SlipKnot?
  3. Why do you seem so negative and unfeeling all the time? Oh, and congrats.
  4. I think we are the same person... just hit 654 or something...

    who was the first person to competitively backflip a whale?
  5. How much has changed since your last milestone giveaway?
    I came cause it had your name on it
    Phoenix Wright or Portal?
    Oh, and congrats. ;)
  6. What isn't bad unless there isn't any good?
  7. Why do you have to be five days older on emc than me
  8. Congrats on 505 days :) You are exactly 1 day older than me, which is sorta creepy.

    If you could have one super power, what would it be? And whats your favorite sort of toaster?
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  9. congrats :D

    what's your favourite colour?
  10. Congratz on the 505 days :) Its nice to see that you haven't left.

    On a side note, what do you like to do the most when you log onto EMC, be it forums or in game?
  11. congratz! XD

    r hamstrz awsum?
  12. Congrats and what was the first thing you ever placed on EMC.
  13. Congratz on 505 days!
    Why do you not play everyday on EMC?
  14. Congratulations Toaster :D
    Whats the most expensive and awesome item you have ever owned on EMC? ~FDNY21
  15. Congrats toast:) what is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
  16. Who is your favorite marvel superhero? DC superhero?

    Congrats on the milestone.
  17. Congrazzzzzllessss

    Favorite Neon color
  18. Do you think i'm pretty? :p
  19. Congrats ;3
    If a wild brick appeared, what would you do.
    *wild brick appears
  20. Congrats do you like bacon