Space valkyria and her town!

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  1. Looks awesome!
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  2. Wait till you see the other builds I wanna make :D
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  3. Impressive! Except on this server, no worries about it getting destroyed, as mods will track down the person and punish them as they deserve! :)
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  4. this is going good! Do you have already an idea for an elevator system? (as you plan to go the full height of the world)
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  5. The lower levels have water you can go up to access the levels. The most recent picture I will have a bridge to a island. Players can fly to each level, mostly was the plan but if someone needs it, I will see if I can put something up. There is a staircase from the middle to the top though. You will see
  6. For those that don't know what the final build will most likely look like, here are some images:

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  7. Give or take, that is the base model. I will put my own spin to this huge build. If anyone does not know, this is a 2b2t build made by jacktherippa
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  8. RIP the original build... :(

    (I was briefed by FitMC about it's fall.)
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  9. Same way. I really find 2b2t builds fascinating for some reason
  10. sorry for the late late update, work and college has made me take an temporary leave from EMC but i am somewhat back.
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  11. Oooh! The progress in the image looks very promising.

    I never got to see the entirety of the original base before it was destroyed, so I'm assuming that you are still working on it?
  12. Yes!! I am still working on it. I still have a long way to go. I am on level 92 out of 256
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