Space valkyria and her town!

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  1. Hiya guys, i am building an end base somewhere far far away. I will be building from ground 1 to max build height, wish me luck. This will host the updated builds that will be here. Thank you for looking!!.

    This where im at right now and
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  2. Oh My! What an endeavour! I wish you luck with this project!
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    Update: building this is very much a huge project :D. Also had to rebuld everything because i messed it up so yay me!!
  4. hm, someone knows their 2b2t bases...
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  5. Nice! Keep the updates coming! :D
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  6. This looks really cool! I only just went to the end for the first time recently and also got to ground zero... only it didnt go so well for me. Lol
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  7. yea xD
  8. i still have like 33 left
  9. I'm surprised, not to see a single end rod. Lookin' good! :D
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  10. For those who wanna see the inside :
    Sorry about the mess ( referring too the shulker boxes )
    Still a work in progress
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  12. At least on here it cannot be griefed, especially if it's all in /buildmode, without someone getting banned :D
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  13. To be Completely honest, i haven't been using buildmode because i forget everytime...