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  1. Hi gang!

    Last week a friend and me figured we should try PVP a bit and did something on my LAN server. This was definitely the worst PVP arena ever build, mostly because of its small size. We ended up merely trying to inflict some damage to the other so that they would die when we got pushed over the edge.

    Anyway, the whole thing reminded me a bit about gladiator games (ancient Rome and all) and because I really enjoyed the stuff we had so far I wanted more. So I continued building and I think I overdid a little bit :D Since this is my LAN server and I don't expect any visitors who are interested in Minecraft before next weekend I figured I might as well share some of it with you guys :)

    What started as a lame PVP area is now a "shoviator" arena :D

    Now, the concept has changed a little bit: a random player gets 'captured' and put in a cage, and when they step on a pressure plate they get teleported to the "magma wall of death" (?) after which the machine can be activated and they get shoved into a pit, much fun for all to see.

    But I liked the idea of an arena of some kind so much that I started expanding on it, right up to ridiculous details :D

    On the left the ticket salesman, on the right a job consultant

    Now, it's only fair that if you visit an event that you buy a ticket, right? That's what I thought and so I set up a ticket salesman who sells a large variety of tickets :) Of course the funny part is that the best ticket is also the cheapest: the one for the standing area (3 emeralds), here you'll stand right in front of the 'piston lane' and so you can see everything happening.

    Ticket salesman has many tickets ;)

    On the left is the redstone section, you don't really see much but you can still enjoy the redstone circuits and the fireworks after someone drops into the pit. On the right is the fireworks section, here the only thing you'll see is a captured victim and the fireworks afterwards, but it's cheap :)

    And the white area in the middle is the 'VIP section', this is where it's all happening! :D

    Standing area...

    Next to the standing area is something really exciting: the souvenir stand! Everyone wants to buy souvenirs right?

    Salesman #1 sells heads of previous victims and salesman #2 sells their gear, such teamwork :p

    So what if you can't afford any of the tickets, or let alone these cool souvenirs? Well, not to worry: then you can visit the job consultant who can set you up with some very interesting trades. Including the ultimate trade of 'm all:

    Bring him an Elytra with Unbreaking III + Mending and you'll get a lifetime subscription!

    So how does this work?

    It's really simple, there are 2 buttons in the main area which you can press. 1 'captures' a bunch of mobs (handy if there are no more players left :D) and the other captures an actual player. And this is where things get cool: it's amazing how much control you can apply in Minecraft!

    I'm walking around in Creative mode, around the arena everyone is in survival mode, and when you enter the arena (as visitor ;)) you're asked to "register" by clicking a button. This actually changes your mode from survival to adventure. And my "random player capture routine" makes sure that only a random player in survival mode gets captured, so all my valued (and paying) guests are safe :)

    Official entrance, arena is even protected by Creeper-be-gone(tm)! :D

    After I got several sections blown up by creepers while I was testing things (like the villager trades) I decided to apply some extra protection. Every time someone (or something, like a zombie) walks over those pressure plates all creepers within a 50 block radius get killed. Safety first! :D

    And because my villager staff seems to attract zombies I also gave them a bit of protection as well. In each stand is one pressure plate which kills zombies within a 20block radius. The only thing the villagers have to do is actually step on it, and sometimes that poses to be a small problem :D


    All you have to do is press a button:

    Yay, we caught one! :D

    This is how it looks on GripCEO's end

    After this you have wait for the victim to step on the pressure plate so that they get teleported into the actual arena ('piston lane'). Once they do everyone (except them) gets alerted that a new event is about to start:

    Still not too sure about this text though, maybe "Event is about to begin" would be better ;)

    What do you mean I'm being cruel? ;)

    Down goes GripCEO! :eek:

    The on/off button for this whole contraption can be found right next to my seat :D

    My simple seat, the button on the right controls the piston lane

    And once a player has been dropped all you have to do is go down the service area (hatch), walk over the administrators ramp and pull the lever to put the device in reset mode. After it's done you'll hear some fireworks and then you can pull the lever again. Now you're ready for another round :D

    Service area to reach the reset switch.

    And that's all for now :D

    I got my Villager #19 souvenir head and his microphone too! :D

    Here you can see another cool feature: even more control! Remember that I told you about those tickets at the beginning? Well, if you leave the area then obviously your ticket should be declared invalid. But the lifetime subscription is obviously something you should keep. Well, that's another thing which Minecraft excels at, as you can see here. Only my regular ticket got removed and I got to keep my subscription :)

    A quick peek behind the scenes....

    The main thing this build uses is a combination of redstone (obviously) and command blocks.

    For example, that ticket salesman? Yups, if you press the button you merely activate a command block which spawns him in. But there's more magic at work here...

    This is how I made the ticket salesman:
    I can't show the jobs consultant because of the 10k character limit. But this is the key to removing the right papers:

    Regular ticket: {id:"paper",Count:1,tag:{display:{Name:"Redstone ticket",Lore:["Don't forget to look sideways!"]},ench:[{id:34,lvl:3}],HideFlags:1}}

    Subscription: {id:"paper",Count:1,tag:{display:{Name:"Lifetime subscription",Lore:["Watch others fly!","Ticket never expires!"]},ench:[{id:33,lvl:3}],HideFlags:1}}

    The secret is the enchantment: ID34 for a regular ticket (Unbreaking) and ID33 for the subscription (Silk Touch). So when someone steps on the pressure plate to leave then this is what happens:

    /clear @p[r=6] paper -1 -1 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:3}]}

    I'm clearing all the paper items from the nearest players inventory (up to 6 blocks away) but only those which have an enchantment ID 34 applied to them. In other words: only the regular tickets get removed.

    There's even a little more to share, but maybe I'll do that somewhere next week. For now I want to hop onto the Empire :)
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