South Lakeside Railway Station

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  1. SMP7 has got a new train station. Well... it's still being developed but the two railways are fully functional!
    1. Going to Antimattermatt's Aerodrome
    2. Central Lakeside Station

    Here's some pics of the station as well as some other projects (farm, railway tunnel, Gilbert the Chicken). Tell me what ya tink (especially with the leaves on the station, not sure how i feel about dat.:cool:
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  2. did cliff ever finish the cliffside/lakeside rail?
  3. Update: Thanks for feedback (mainly in game), will be creating a fence around the station, mob spawn proof roof and path leading to the Station!
  4. The Rail Line was never approved, it needs mayoral approval i guess
  5. Nice. The leaves look fine. :)
  6. How do the logs in the rail not burn up?
  7. It's the way the lave is placed, - underneath a block (even though transparent, it works)
  8. Yes, the slabs don't allow lava to pass through :)
  9. Thank You :)
  10. Well peeps, I'd say this project is about wrapped up. Here's the final result :p
    Update: Added Torches, Fencing w/ Leaves, Removed Roof Leaves, Built a small path block, terra-formed the sides, made the roof and flag mob proof, added flowers and small interior touches! I'm honestly happy that this turned out the way it did :). This really isn't the conclusion of the project though, because there are still space for two railway lines for future expansion B)
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  11. I love it, Good job, you should keep doing things like this.
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  12. thank you! :)