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  1. Hey, you! Yeah, you with the ugly pretty face! I have a blog thing! A blog where I write things! Things that will go from my fingers, to your eyes, to your brain and will probably give you the bestest of confused thoughts! Yeah! Can I stop using exclamation marks now!?

    I'll probably abandon this thing in a few day's time (I do not actually have that many things I'd deem interesting enough to write about... I'm open to suggestions), but here's my free thread advertisement anyway.

    Go read stuff!
    (and yes I'm using Blogger. Sue me.)
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  2. I'm interested, I'll be following it!
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  3. I'd put more stuff on here but I got nuttin.
  4. Why do you say "they" instead of "she"? :p
  5. #Lovintheusername
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  6. I like to be slightly ambiguous about it.
    It's been my username on everything I've signed up to for the past year. I love it :p