Soulbound Bread?

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  1. What is this and is it rare?
  2. Looks like a starter item
  3. well im not sure but im guessing its worth quite a bit I would sell it for about 250r and yes it does look like a starter iteam
  4. This is awarded to new players in the tutorial now and will not drop on death in the wild or waste. :)
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  5. Wow, the 100th thread about soulbound starter items? :p
    You guys need to search the forums better ;)
    Every starter item except the oak logs ( there was an issue with crafting as far as I'm informed ) has the soulbound attribute.
  6. Well, Lukas. I joined EMC 808 days and 23 hours ago (as of typing this reply). The only starter items I got were oak saplings, tools, and bread.
    Soulbound and all this new stuff never existed when I joined. And, besides my brother's account (in which he joined EMC at the same time as me) I have no way to receive new starter items. And since this "Starter Bread" is not familiar to me or obviously to other people I decided to post this to the forums, as it seemed it was something new that nobody really had.
    I apologize for being the "100th thread about soulbound starter items" but I am really old (EMC-wise) and I, like old people, are not familiar with these new-fangled whatzits. Thanks, anyway, for your info:
    and have a good day. :D
  7. And thanks to everyone else that replied to this topic. ;) (btw I am, however, familiar with the term "soulbound" :p)
  8. I'm sorry if you understood me wrong. I was using rhetorical devices as hyperbole and irony. Sure you're not the 100th thread, but at least the 5th. I was not going to insult you and apoligize if you feel so :)
    I myself joined 976 days and 7 hours ago and as you can see I know about these items :p
  9. FYI if you never did the new tutorial, you can always redo the new one with /tutorial to get the new items.
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  10. This got me all excited for some neat soulbound items of my own, plus YAY a starter horse! ...So I immediately ran to /tutorial... "You have already received this reward." :(
  11. Yeah same :/