SoulBound Bread?

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Have you heard of this?

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  1. Ok.. so I was out mining some stone and come back to see a piece of soul bound bread in my mailbox, an in-game hopper chest one not virtual mailbox. Can someone tell me what just happened, who gave this to me, and what it is? In the meantime I will attempt to upload a screenshot.

    -Thanks for reading, cowland.
  2. The new tutorial items are soulbound, this includes bread.
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  3. Oh thank you. Just thought there was a glitch or something :/
  4. There are so many threads about this already. You should search for threads like this before you post it.
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  5. Really? were they in a different category?
  6. They were for a short time, these are now discontinued and the Soulbound items are no longer a part of the tutorial. :)
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  7. just wood had the soulbound removed. other stuff still is.
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