Sort of new around here (cheeky grin)

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  1. Hello friendlies!

    Just thought I'd pop in again.

    My current hobbies are chainmail, magic the gathering, rubik's cubes, magic tricks, hearthstone, and heroes of the storm. If anyone wants to talk or play any of this with me, my inbox is always open! Email me at
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  2. Wait, you there.. step forward.
    Who, are you?

    ... You're a long way from pandaland. What are you doing in the Empire?
    Aikar, what should we do? He's not on the list?

    I'm sorry, but by his orders. Follow Aikar to the chopping block, newbie.

    *Trufflehunter goes to the chopping block*
    *Ender dragon flies in*

    ... That'll be $20 sir
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  3. New here? You've been here for 2 ½ years.
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  4. Wow, Dec 2011? :eek: Ive never seen you around before. I take it from your post you are not returning. To bad.
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  5. Holy cow! December 2011?! That many sites likes and posts?! I know I've never seen you around here before...well um hello. *awkward voice* "Welcome to the Empire".
  6. This sounds very familiar lol, similar to or drawn from the start of Skyrim perhaps...?
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  7. yus :p
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  8. Looky looky it's Truffle <3
    I remember youu :p
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  9. Wait... xD
    I won't fall for this! I recognised your profile picture first second ;)
  10. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! You joined before Aikar did. ;)
  11. Now THAT sir... is an impressive list of hobbies/fav games. Hats off to ya and welcome.
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  12. Aww you guys are the best! <3

    I'll be on to do whatever with y'all on SMP2 (the best server) around 2:30. Hit me up if anyone wants to party. Giveaway of random stuff may or may not happen.
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  13. I'd like to welcome you back to the empire, I see that you've been here since 2011, thats really cool to have an original/older member on the Empire to come back :)
  14. That's me, OG Truffle :p
  15. Well I'm on for ten minutes if anyone wants to pop in. Otherwise, feel free to PM me and talk to me! I'll be out of town between the 21st and 4th, but no matter.
  16. So I went from 50k to 70r.

    Many diamonds later...
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  17. Wow, are diamonds that expensive nowadays? :eek: I haven't needed to buy diamonds since years ago, I thought a diamond block would cost 400-500 rupees :p
  18. I don't have the time to go mining (but if you guys want to do a Skype mining trip I'll make time, so pm me). I remember when a diamond was 30r. None of this 129r business.
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  19. Haha, you've been a member for quite a bit longer than me. My cheapest diamonds were 36r, although some higher priced shops were already close to 50r by the time I joined.
  20. Welcome back new/not very new person :D