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  1. Hello EMC :)

    One of the things I love about this community is hearing from all the awesome members. I enjoy talking with and meeting new players on a regular basis. The problem is that lately I have been getting 70-100 new private conversations each day on the site. I was doing ok spending a few hours each day on them, however it has just become too much and eats up so much of my time I can't work on other things.

    So I am sorry to say that I had to block my preferences to no longer accept new private messages. Instead please message any other staff member and if I am needed they can add me :)

    Long live EMC!
  2. :( C'mon Justin dont be like that.
  3. :(

    EDIT: You should make a list of staff so we know who to contact instead. ;)
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  4. Wow. I guess the Empire's needs are too much for Justin's inbox.
    (I hope I did not accidentally insult anyone here - I often tend to insult people by accident.)
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  6. When i get more than 10 PM's i start getting crazy, imagine how about 70-100 :O
  7. Err... Click members and at the top you will see Staff. I'll help you out.

    Justin is just boasting how popular he is ;) I only get like 2-3 conversations a day, sometimes less. #unloved :(
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  8. I would like to just comment here that the reason Justin and I are both passionate about EMC and previous ventures we have done was the love of building amazing communities. Justin isn't doing this in any way, shape, or form to distance himself from anyone. However, as big as we've become, keeping our servers managed technically (and more importantly future GROWTH) those few hours Justin usually takes to reply to those 50-100 messages could be used to better enhance the Empire on a technical standpoint.

    Rest assured, that I'm usually near a computer 95% of the time I'm awake and am here to help anyone that needs it, as is the rest of the staff who dedicates their time to be there for everyone. :)
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  9. can you look at the present i made you justin and icc
  10. Just admit Justin is the robot we think he is - he requires his decade maintenance check - and stop pulling the sheep over our eyes :)
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  11. sary if i sent you to mouch stuff my bad...
  12. Someone pointed out to me that your Profile page is full of lunatics sending you messages. I went and checked it out.

    If that in any way represents what you get in your PM box every day... Mother of god........
  13. Achievement Get: Delegation and labor efficiency.
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  14. lol yup ;)
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  15. I once read through his page to count how many incorrect ban appeals were on it. I gave up on page 7.
  16. A little annoying, i must admit.

    Will we need to invite another admin - and start our conversations all over again if there is already a undergoing conversation?
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  17. *Whistles Innocently* :oops: jk
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  18. And so it begins...

    1 year from now everyone here will be saying, "i remember the days when justin used to talk to us peons" lol
  19. Is it possible to create a ticket system / livechat support? I think this would be cool. Also there should be a list, which teammember is responsible for which section. (Griefed, Payment, Technical Support, Suggestions) etc.
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  20. It's a valid idea. Often, if you want a Moderator you need to jump around the servers until you find one.

    Although, assigning roles to a Moderator increases the dependence on an individual. Better if everyone was capable in the roles thus giving redundancy to the system.
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