Sorry guys... Please forgive me.

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  1. This is in the Wilderness Frontier because it is addressed to the Wilderness community, mainly the members of Nation of Volt, United Islands of Estona/Estonan Federation, and Stoneguard. Plus Wrem too.

    Yes, I still do look back and read the Second New Republic threads from time-to-time.
    I know I was technically a dictator, not taking on board suggestions, and not appreciating Jkjkjk's sense of humour. And that I held a grudge against Rock and Envie for ages after the incident, which only recently, after my ban, I let go of. And that I hated Hacksaw for even longer, due to the "incident" we had a while back.

    But anyway, onto the main topic.
    I now realise that it probably wasn't a good idea to walk through the Jungle, building a hidey-hole for purposes unknown to even me, and that certain incident got me worrying for over a week I would be banned.
    And that the "Neore" was a total flop.
    And that Bhojana is Mahogany Town, well, technically speaking. L0tad, your stuff is still there from what I can remember, if you ever want to pick it up.
    And that the 2nd NR practically stood for nothing the NR did.
    Democracy of the 1st NR was not mirrored in the Authoritarianism of the 2nd.
    And yes, I know Neorepopolis looks ugly compared to Old Maximus, or Darrowmere. Or even Parisco for that matter. Maybe even that place that was a Voltian sea outpost that I always forget the name of.

    And this quote, showed me why the Neore wouldn't work on EMC, not in the NR, not in the 2nd NR, and not in the GR.
    "Plus, from a "wild economic" prospective, the outposts around you will accept rupees. Say someone from your outpost goes to Wrem for a some shopping. The shop will aspect rupees. On the flip side, some one from Estona comes the the NR do do shopping. His/Her pockets will be filled with rupees. This eliminates the annoying conversion to Nore time, and drastically increases the willingness to trade with other outposts."

    The outposts around Neorepopolis had Rupee's as their currency.
    Neorepopolis had Rupee's as a currency only to be used in Town.
    That unfortunate person from Estona who could have came, would have had extreme difficulty buying, which I only realised a short time ago.
    However, I do think some things could have been... worded nicer, as Dean did suggest?

    "I see nothing besides "To be flattened", "To be paved over", and "To be dirtified" on your map. Of course you won't be flattening everything, you don't have the resources to do that. But you are still destroying the lands. One of the only major reoccurring themes in successful EMC outposts is building with the land. The terrain generation is all the framework you need to build a unique and inviting city. By destroying the only reason people live in the wild, you are just pushing away possible outpost members.

    And I can see a lot of generated land on that map screen-shot. And then there is a disgusting looking cobble field covering up a natural ocean.

    If you want to be successful in creating a new outpost, then start doing what people want. Almost everything you have done has resulted in people pointing out why it won't work or is not a good idea, and I know there are many more who feel the same but feel this is just a losing fight.

    Sorry to be harsh, but if you wan't to find success, start making good on the idea that there is a voice to the people in this outpost. Currently there clearly is just one voice, yours. Maybe that is because you are the only voice, I don't know for sure, but if you want there to be more people at your outpost, start making it about everyone."

    But anyway. My next project, for when I get unbanned, will be a normal, standard, project of Kitten's.
    Something that is a town.
    But without the mad add-ons I usually have.

    Anyway, for now, Neorepopolis goes to the Wremian Empire, or Wrexham, or Glendoria, because I can't keep track of its name:p

    The settlements south of Inzonio go to the current owner of Inzonio, and if Inzonio is defunct, those settlements go to Wrem.

    All my ocean settlements go to Estona.
    I will however, resume control when I am unbanned.

    Good luck to everyone of the Wild in their own future adventures, whether those adventures be related to Wild towns, or just small Wild communities.

  2. I applaud you that must of taken hours to write :confused: looking forward to your return but just remember your not buying StoneGuard :p hehe
  3. Why would I buy Stoneguard?
    Not saying it's a bad place, it was actually one of my favourite places to visit. So was Wrem. The two had something in common: They are good examples of teamwork from the early East Wild.
  4. Good to hear you again. :)
  5. Finally! :D
    At first I didn't realise that one part weren't your words, you should've put it in a quote box :p
    I'll forgive you :)
  6. Welcome back Kitten. It's looking like this time around will definitely be better for everyone. It did take a while, but it appears that you have learned from your mistakes.
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  7. I'm trying to joke about the past turn the past into good lets forgive the past and love what's to come
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  8. Yes. The idea of purchasing Stoneguard was a mad one.
  9. I'll be glad to have you back kitten, although I may have had a single-sided(or possibly mutual?) dislike for you, that doesn't mean people can't change for the better. I know I have since I first joined the Empire, inexperienced, immature and quick to judge. And I believe that I have changed since I started Terrione. I'll be looking forward to your newest project, and keep me posted! :D
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  10. First of all; I am not familiar with this incident you speak of and well, no offense, I also don't want to know. Simply wanted to write a general response.

    I just wanted to share that I think your post is commendable in my opinion. It takes quite a bit of self reflection and some swallowed "pride" to admit if you're wrong and apologize for it. It becomes a lot harder if you actually confess to something which others may have suspected for quite some time (this is an assumption on my part).

    But most of all, lukafolz also said as much, you really seem to have taken your time for this to try and explain as best as possible where things went wrong (not sparing yourself) and how you want to fix it.

    So yeah, I really liked your post. To such extend that a mere 'Like' simply wasn't sufficient. I hope they'll give you another chance, but most of all that you won't run into some similar experience (nothing between the lines here, if people may think so).

    Good luck!
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  11. Thank you.
    If I do get unbanned, my project will be a loose confederation.
    (Why oh why, do my ideas have to repel people...)
    (The fact Socialist was included in Snowv repelled people faster then a magnet on a magnet with the same pole facing)
    (And i've got a good feeling if I put Confederation in the name I'll have a gang calling me a racist within the hour, yet the Swiss Confederation was a pretty good state.)
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  12. Hope to see you back out here on EMC again kitten3101 when is you appeal date? or have you already appealed?
  13. April 20th or so.
    I might abolish my plans for my own nation in favour of the plans that 72Volt made if anyone decides to do what he suggested.
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  14. if you need any help when you come back you know were to find me :)
  15. Well, you could find flat swamps near the East Wild on the livemap and PM the coords to me? I'd be grateful if you could do that, I've thought up a idea for a anarchist town recently.
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  16. will do ill message you the coords after i find out if its already claimed or not. :D. if i find it would you like for me to claim it for you so no one takes it?
  17. It's fine. If someone claims it in the next 3 months when I'm banned I'm going to be fine with it, I was the banned one.
    In other words, no need to claim.
  18. okay if your sure might claim it for my own if i find one though 0_0
  19. Meh. Will probably work on one on SMP5 where the new outpost is.