[SONG] Love came down and rescued me

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  1. I am yours, i am forever yours Jesus
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  2. Why did you come on? If you don't belive, leave. It's simple. :)
    Have a wonderful day
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  3. Like what?
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  4. Don't be offensive guys. Jtc is Christian, and he is religious. He can believe anything, and don't insult his posts. Before, I was AGAINST Jtc. Now, I see how hurtful this is. I'm on his side this time.
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  5. please don't make me cry xD
  6. Maybe a personal event.
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  7. ah. i see that now :)
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  8. One of my favorite songs. Also:
  9. Well, if you click here, and discover it is religous, you should then leave. It is your choice to post or not. I Cannot be blamed for "Annoying" you.
    And Volt, if i annoy you, don't click on my threads. :)
    it's just that simple
  10. That song makes me cry every time. It reminds me that no matter how bad i sin, God will always love me.
    Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.
    Thank you, Jesus :)
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  11. Its looks like i disliked it.. -_- My cursor was hovering over it when i took the screenshot, and my capture program makes it disappear-_-
  12. Woops, Same here - I was looking to see if I could find you're Disklike and I think I missclicked, Shame youtube won't load now :(
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  14. You told Jesus to take you from this world because it's too much for you. If you cut the Jesus part from it, I had these thoughts a few years back and sometimes still do. I remember being about to stab myself and then putting it back, and I cried in a heap on the floor for maybe 20 minutes - I was alone in the house while my mum went for some milk, bread and some other stuff at the mall.
    Whenever I got into arguments with my mum I sometimes went into the kitchen and wound up having to one day slapping a knife out of my hand to stop me from self-harming.
    The fact that I don't have a God to turn to due to my strong science beliefs may have hindered me during these 2 years I felt like that. It was depression. I never got checked out because there was nothing that could cause depression for me, but I know it was because when suicidal thoughts are this strong it HAS to be.
    Therefore it's very easy for me, and many others, to think you wanted to suicide.
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  15. He clearly didn't mean it as suicidal... :rolleyes:
    And did you really stalk him to find that comment?:confused:
    Guys if you don't like it, don't come and criticize him. It's his choice what he posts. This may not be the right place for that, however, just because it isn't doesn't mean you need to tell him that repetitively. I agree that Jtc this is not where you should be expressing your religious beliefs, the real world beyond video games is where people will listen...
    Rule number 6 guys:
    6. Thou Shalt Be Respectful And Tolerant Of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, And Sexual Orientation

    Now lets all follow it guys.
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  16. Arguments and Debates can't start if the people that are against it don't even comment on it. Im a Christian and I like the song he posted. Why can't you all just be nice and let ppl do what they want. Being hateful because of our faith, you can't just say whatever you want about us just like we can't say whatever we want about non Christians. I wish the mods would make a new rule or something so we don't get this everytime we try to post and talk to other believers.
    Edit: Oh wait there is a rule. Try and follow it.
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  17. Exactly :)
    I really enjoy that song.
    TobyMac has to be my favorite Christian artist.
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  18. Its ironic me and my friend were listening to his new Toby Mac CD this morning before school. It was COLD and his heater wasn't working in his car lol.
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  19. Haha nice. I didn't have school today, end of semester so it was one of those Teachers/Staff in school but the students aren't.