Somewhere on the Wiki, it shows you the Wiki Contributors

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  1. I think this will be a nice addition to have on the Main screen for the wiki, it would allow people, like me, to know the Wiki Contributors.

    Maybe even a page for wiki contributors, that may be pushing it though. Not sure. Just thought of this off the top of my head.
  2. I think they are hidden for a reason. Could be wrong.
  3. I think a list of the wiki contributors would be good. Maybe we should put members of the Wiki team on the staff page, much like the developers.

    EDIT: You may be referring to the page edit history. That's a simple permission that Aikar must have set to false for normal players.
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  4. This is my word and not Emc staff. The wiki contributors might or most likely to get pm constantly about what they should edit or do next. Prolly best to keep them behind the magical curtain with Oz.
  5. *skips down the yellow brick road*
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  6. Copied and pasted: Current Contributors:
    • AlexChance
    • RainbowChin
    • _Stads_
    I'll edit this post if there's any more added, but it's no secret :)
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  7. JackBiggin is not one :confused:???
  8. I took it from the Wiki Forum thread which is why Rainbow's there, but by default all mods are
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  9. Although I'm the only one who can edit templates, and do stuff that'll potentially break it. :p
  10. #Hamsters
  11. Is that a wise decision? :p
  12. Hamsters are said to beat elves in terms of their ability in craftsmanship.
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