Something wrong with TopG Voting Site

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  1. for the past day it's told me each time that I've tried to vote that I've already voted and to try again in X amount of hours. one time it told me to wait 6 hours, another time 9 hours. it's not registering my votes at all.

    is this happening for anyone else?
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  2. Yeah, but because I'm a diamond supporter I thought that my votes were being done automatically... Or something.
    Also on one of the voting things i got 1640 r with just a 15 voting streak, not that I don't like it but its weird.
  3. Working fine for me, make sure you have the right username typed in (with correct capital letters)
    Everyone has to vote manually, unfortunately :p Occasionally bonuses are giving at intervals in your streak (psst) :)
  4. Im having exactly the same problem
  5. I haved that problem yesturday. But now it worked. Strange day for TopG.
  6. I had the same problem yesterday and today. But, I will try it again.
  7. Keep in mind that for sites like topg, they count 24 hours since your last vote. You cannot look at it in terms of days or problems arise.
  8. I think(?) TopG is 12 hours, so this probably isn't an error of calculations
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  9. Yeah, I got told "7 hrs" and some odd minutes last night... at 9:30-ish. According to my R history, my last vote there was 8:50 the previous day.
    Either their timer is borked or someone used my name without me knowing. :confused:
  10. This would come up in your rupee history too, so you could check to see if that happened. But, if you did not see it before, then:
  11. Relevant post: this actually happened to me the other day. I was in game and a rupee bonus for voting popped up for 2 different sites. Don't know if someone was trolling or not. .. I will bring this up with aikar though.
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  12. Earlier today I voted on the last site on the list, and it said I have already voted today. I told myself fair enough, and then when I went to my rupee balance I had +100r from the site that said I had already voted that day... Confused. :confused:
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  13. Secret voting bots... gotta be secret voting bots... or I'm going crazy. Also a possibility. ..
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  14. You're assuming my name was used to vote for EMC though. That is what concerns me.
    Not inconceivable that someone out there would poach other players' names to boost a server's rank.
  15. I had misssed voting because of things going on irl, I unfortunately voted after the extended time allowed and it still said that I had already voted. So, I received nothing and it says to wait today also
  16. Just happened again. Apparently they think "Kephras" voted for something around 4am this morning (6hrs ago).
    There is definitely something suspicious going on here. I used their contact form to see if I can get to the bottom of it and find out where these votes are going.
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  17. I just had the same problem and it said vote again in 6 hours and 47 minutes. I just did typed my Username again and did the Captcha again and it worked.
  18. I just tried to vote as my alt from a different IP address and it told me I had already voted ( and I hadn't ) - also has anyone noticed a fake Java update page coming up on the site (using chrome)?...... My PC is 100% clean and I reinstalled Java yet the update page keeps coming up saying "You must update your version of Java before viewing this page" - very strange indeed

    EDIT - The update page originates from upgradienk dot com - if you google it the page lights up
  19. I noticed this, I questioned its legibility when I saw it and went to my previous tab and just carried on with what I was doing.
  20. I just googled it and it seems other forums are having the same issue
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