Something that should addressed in chat.

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  1. So today, I was in SMP3, and was told to go to hell, follow by a JK. I was told this because I didn't donate to the person. I told him I reported him, and he said it was a false report, because he said JK after. I think it should be addressed, that just saying JK after a put down/insult/threat, does not mean you cant get banned. What happens if this is said to someone, and is taken very offensively, and then we get a big flame war? I think it should be added to the "Don't be rude" rule, that JK, doesn't make it ok.
  2. He told you to go to hell because you wouldn't give him what he wanted when he was begging?
    Players like that disgust me..
  3. He asked if anyone wanted to donate rupees to him, and when I said no, I was told to go to hell.
  4. Ugh.. I can't express in words how angry it makes me when player beg, and then saying something offensive to you for not giving him YOUR money?? That makes it so much worse..
  5. If you would like to come enjoy this, i'm on smp3.
  6. I hate people who beg for money. We have earnt ours through hard work in the wild, offloading our goods to people and helping people of the Empire. So if they ask us for OUR hard-earned rupees, and we say no, they should take that as a hint to start working for them.
  7. I have to say, people like this don't even get a response from me, they are simply added to the ever growing ignore list i'm sure we all have.

    I'd urge you all to follow suit and ignore those who demand freebies. If you wish to give things out, thats your choice, but no one should be hassled for donations.
  8. Yeah, /ignore always works for me. I occasionally miss conversations, but oh well.
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  9. I usually just ltierakky to to the nether chill, kill some blazes come hack and tell em I'm done :D
  10. I'd have /report and then ignored :/ Most of the time beggars get /ignored anyway.
  11. sometimes i tell them i did /ignore but i don't and there like "omg why!?!?!"
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  12. There is a whole thread discussing the begging issue over here
  13. This issue is more of people getting out of kicks/bans by saying "Just Kidding", and similar phrases.
  14. If you didn't want to be insulted, ignore him, or don't say anything. It seems like you instigated him, made him say that by just replying.
  15. JK = Just a Kid
    A bad one.
  16. Id love to just be able to yell at a beggar without rule breaking but i cant :(
  17. I never give any money to any one
  18. This is not a small problem anymore.
    It used to be small but now its huge.
    It used to be just begging.
    Now its insulting you if you don't donate.
    It's people being rude to you if they don't get their way.
    We need to do something.
    We need to make begging rudely temp bannable
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