Something that has been bothering me for a while

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DO you think open pvp should be allowed in the wild?

Yes,wild is surviving against mobs AND others 6 vote(s) 10.3%
No, i like it the way it is 52 vote(s) 89.7%
  1. Lets just get straight to the point; emc is not pvp.
    I watched a player annihalate 5-10 withers while standing in lava in a mob arena on smp5. Any mobs he encounters would serve no threat to this man. The only thing that would stand a chance to him would be...another player. I think that the wild should be pvp to add a challenge to fighting. People would make alliances, and face others in war. People would be double-crossed, of course, but that would be the whole point in the wild. I mean, you realize the definition for wild is savage uncultivated and feral.
    I realize that emc mainly consists of kids, but to make a mark in emc, you have to be detirmined, clever and knowing not to trust some.
    Lastly, i will tell you about griefing. My friend, the1call2die4, who i know in real life, witnessed someone burn his house, take his stuff, and pour lava everywhere. He was so enraged that he went to the town, ran his mouth with curse words, and got permabanned. This couldve been avoided if he had some sort of defense.
    This is my only complaint in emc, let me know what you guys think.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this
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  2. It's a thought but really. The wild would become a terrible place too be. You'd step out too blocks and players with enchanted bows would just snipe you from a tree. EMC isnt a pvp server for a reason, it's fair.
  3. Exactly what you said. The Empire is supposed to be peaceful. Find another server to murder people on.
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  4. Nah. Aikar's working on a PvP server, but the regular 1-9 and utopia servers will remain non-PvP. There's always the /report option. ;)
    And that's not what the wild is for…it's for getting materials, escaping from town, making friends, having adventures, not war and killing. :)
  5. I see no challenge though,
    But whatever, i get what you mean
  6. EMC is a server built on a great community, allowing pvp would make that great community go to hell in roughly 32.93 seconds with stuff that you suggested happening, stealing betraying etc. Anyways, I say no, if you want PvP there are plenty of other places out there. The only way I would want PvP on EMC is if the PvP was a completely different server, from the currently existing yeah :p
  7. There is a challenge though, EMC has a higher spawn rate of mobs than in vanilla.
  8. Sadly.

    I like the wild BECAUSE of the no PVP. It has many challenges, such actually getting a good, stable base up and running.
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  9. But when you have a group of experienced players and Jakres helping you it doesn't take much. But it takes experience(and Jakres' experience).
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  10. look how about an improvice... Make another world called PVP you could teleport to it by doing /PVP and its the only place it would happen because you know qwat... I am getting Tired of Killing creepers with 2 hits i want a real challenge
  11. First off, you're welcome for fixing all your grammar mistakes in the quote. Secondly, I don't understand how someone who is simultaneously killing about 7 withers while in lava could possibly die to a player. Third, well, see above.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this..
    Your friendly neighborhood grammar nazi

    Ok let's see here. You know, of course PvP would obviously kill the community, and in the long run, I don't think it's ever going to make EMC blow up (in popularity). And even though it is taking forever, Aikar (Senior Staff) IS working on some objective PvP style based servers (not same servers as SMP1-10 obviously). I would just wait or play on a PvP server. Trust me, there are some good PvP servers out there, but for now, just assume that you won't be seeing PvP anywhere on EMC.
  12. Im sorry for your friend, cursing is not a solution though ._.
    If PVP was on at the wild, players would get angrier if they get killed. madness...
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  13. Lol, I just have to say this. You know when you said you were a Grammar Nazi... well... :
    your welcome for fixing all your grammar mistakes.... well.... it's *you're welcome.... and even then it's incorrect grammar. Also, Nazi is capitalized. Actually lemme list them off:
    And the on the?
    without the parenthesis, it's: "... make EMC blow and of course,...."
    ^ Run on sentence
    ^A really long run on
    "trust me, there *ARE* some good ..."
    Yep... maybe you should retire.
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  14. TrollFace.gif
  15. If he actually witnessed this, he had plenty of time to document who did it and report them. The other person would have been banned, not him.

    The anarchy you're suggesting wouldn't have saved anything. His house probably never would have been built out of fear that it would be torn down anyway. Nothing permanent would be built for that matter anywhere here.

    No thanks. I've already experienced enough of a problem here with theft, grieving, and PVP without EMC actually advocating it. If you want that, there are plenty of PVP servers to satisfy your needs.
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  16. That's some bad sarcasm…
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  17. What if I was just saying that so I would specifically have you umm... uhh uhhh.... nvm... leave me alone... i'll go back in the corner ;(
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  18. It could have been avoided if he had pressed the screenshot button and pm'd a mod instead of going into town and breaking the rules. That is a defense. The mods ban everyday for griefing and pvp.

    If EMC became open world PVP you would have people leave. Yeah there are those in favor of PVP but they want CONTROLLED Pvp. They don't want to have to worry about whether they're going to be out in the wild with inventory full of items for their shops or builds just to to be set on fire and die.
  19. 1. If you don't want to take a chance on being griefed, claim a plot in town & build there.
    2. Your friend did have a defence, he could have taken screen shots and used the /report system. That's what it is there for.
    3. Your friend was permabanned because he broke the rules. This could have been avoided by him not breaking the rules.
    I understand that it is frustrating when your hard worked is destroyed by someone else and I sympathise with that. I've been there myself, but breaking the rules yourself isn't the answer. However, if your friend pm's a mod (preferably the mod who banned him) and explains the situation and apologises, maybe his ban could be lifted. Good luck.
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