Something I will be doing and want to show the community

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  1. Hello there members of EMC

    I will be doing an event for two weeks to prove that in that time I can easily survive and thrive. I have reset my res, made my rupees balance go down to 1500,am not on supportership, am using my slow computer and slow internet and completely emptied my inventory. I will be keeping a log of what I did every day on EMC. For example if I went mining I would write that I went mining and found x amount x and x amount of x. If I sell the items I will say how many I sold and what the item is. I will also write my rupees balance and the end of each day. I will post the log every 2 days on this thread. It start today on July the 9th so I will post the first 2 days of the log at the end of July the 11th. The event will end on the 23th of July and I will post the end rupee balance and main establishments. I hope everyone enjoys following the logs and the event :)

    Log begins.

    Day 1

    -Farmed 3 stacks of birch logs
    -Sold 3 stacks of birch logs
    -Bought materials for an obsidian generator
    -Made an obsidian generator
    -Bought an efficiency IV for 750 rupees

    End day rupee balance: 130

    Day 2

    -Started generating obsidian
    -Broke obsidian generator
    -Bought materials to fix obsidian generator.
    -Generated 3 stacks of obsidian
    -Sold 3 stacks of obsidian

    End day rupee balance: 1045

    Day 3

    -Prepared to go mining
    -Built base and mined
    -Brought back materials
    -Sold 19 iron ingots
    -Sold 10 diamonds
    -Sold 1 gold ingot

    End day rupee balance: 843

    Day 4

    -Smelted 64 iron ores
    -Sold 64 iron ingots
    -Attempted to look for glowstone in the nether
    -Died after falling in a lava pool and losing all my stuff

    End day rupee balance: 1382

    Day 5

    -Prepared to venture out into the nether
    (Sorry for the short day , had bad internet)

    End day rupee balance: 892

    Day 6

    -Explored the nether
    -Collected 3 stacks of glowstone blocks
    -Returned to town and sold 3 stacks of glowstone blocks

    End day rupee balance: 5249

    Day 7

    -Attempted to go nether exploring 3 times and died on all of them
    (I kind of gave up that day)

    End day rupee balance: 4277

    Day 8

    -Went nether exploring and found a blaze spawner
    -Wrote down coords
    -Attempted to explore some more but died
    -Sold blaze spawner

    End day rupee balance: 10777

    Day 9

    -Went nether exploring and found another blaze spawner
    -Collected 5 stacks of glowstone blocks but died in lava
    -Sat there in town and chatted randomly being very sad of loss of glowstone

    End day rupee balance: 8701

    Day 10

    -Generated a stack of obsidian
    -Sold a stack of obsidian
    -Farmed a chest full of birch logs
    -Started upgrading obsidian generator to generate 32 pieces at a time

    End day rupee balance: 7348

    Day 11

    -Generated 4 stacks of obsidian
    -Sold 4 stacks of obsidian
    -Farmed a chest full of birch logs
    -Sold a chest full of birch logs

    End day rupee balance:10103

    Day 12

    -Generated 12 stacks of obsidian( I was bored)
    -Sold 12 stacks of obsidian
    -Sold an obsidian generator
    -Bought 3 enchanted efficiency pickaxes for 3000 rupees

    End day rupee balance:14063

    Day 13

    -Built a cobble generator
    -Bought 3 enchanted efficiency pickaxes for 3000 rupees
    (Sorry short day)

    End day rupee balance:10117

    Day 14

    -Made a sheep farm
    -Made a tree farm
    -Generated 3 stacks of obsidian
    -Sold 3 stacks of obsidian

    End day rupee balance:12481

    And that is the end of the log :)

    I would like to thank AC inc. for buying most of the stuff I sold during the duration of this event and thank all of you for your support :)
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  2. Sounds fun, can I be designated buyer of your stuff? :3
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  3. Then it wouldnt be a challenge :p
  4. Alex if it wouldn't trouble you then yes :)
    Well if his mall is there for everybody than I don't see why I can't use it like all the other members. :p
  5. Survival is not about your rupee balance, it's about finding enough food to sustain yourself. This is like someone creating a reality TV show about surviving a middle-class 9 to 5 lifestyle.

    This is what I was saying earlier; rupees are not a measure of your success or your "skill". If you want to keep track of your day to day activities, fine, just don't make it about how much money you make.
  6. Pretty cool idea, good luck!
    Can't wait for the first log :D
  7. I am sorry that this "event" I am doing does not interest you and seems like a bad idea. I am doing this to show all the new members that are struggling that it can be easy to thrive in EMC. Even some of the older members might be struggling too, and of course I thought it would be fun for the community to follow along with me. Also, by the way, I live in eternia, where we don't go back to town for anything. Eternia is made out of the resources we brought when we started it and the resources we gathered from around us. EMC has an economy aspect added into it and I don't see why we can't use it. I understand that lately some people have become "rupee-hungry" but it is not the case with me or a lot of the members I know and see on the servers. And, it is not only about the rupees it is about establishments I did/achieved.
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  8. The best way to do that is to demonstrate that you don't need rupees for anything.
  9. You're missing the point.
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  10. Sounds interesting :)
  11. This is indeed interesting! I'll be reading up on your activity when you post it for sure ;)
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  12. First log of 2 days is up!
  13. Is there anyone following this at all? Because if there isn't then I will just delete the entire event and the thread
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  14. Sounds good! I will follow this. :)
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  15. I am following this.
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  16. I'm following this too :rolleyes:
  17. I could follow this if my computer wasn't broken
  18. I am following this.