Someones knocking your door

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  1. As you open the door, you see your MC character.
    He/She says this:
    "I'm at your command, my lord"
    What is your first command?
  2. 0.o, come on in lol :p
  3. Do my homework for me!
  4. Clean my room, and teach my dog how to breathe fire.
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  5. Punch a tree.
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  6. Get sand!
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  7. /Go back to minecraft world and leave me along!
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  8. I would send him do to the school project thingy.
  9. Send him to school for me.
  10. dig out my lot.... maybe that wasn't funny.... except to me.
  11. Do that homework and tests, please....
    (I know it is not original...) lol
  12. What do you to with all those precious dirts?

    And then?
  13. If its a girl
    I would ask her to ******* **.
    If boy:
    Mine me a thousen diamonds :D
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  14. Make me a sandwhich.
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  15. Go beat the enderdragon, here's the diamond gear to do it :p...
  16. Actually, I have a better one.
    Make a sandwich.
    Good, your back. Tell me, did you dispose of the bodies properly?
  17. Tell him to do my homework
    Brainwash him so he never tries to rebel.
    Make a successful Youtube channel, give the YOUTUBE MONAAAY to me.
    Punch Chuck Norris.
    *Train him at video games*
    Order him to play video games on my account (But not Minecraft)
    Make me food
    Get me stuff
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  18. I'd tell him to get more of these minecraft characters...
    TO MAKE AN ARMY AND RULE THE WORLD#!~@$!#%%#!#!%!#%#
  19. To stop touching my porkchops.
  20. Digitalize me into Minecraft.