someone stole my beacons

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  1. hello someone came to my base and stole my beacon and my pyramid of iron. is there anyway to check who it was
  2. Do you have the Admin flag set as True for anyone? Or the Build flag?

    Do you mean your res or a waste/frontier base?
  3. Please message a staff member on the site to get this resolved. Posting a thread is not the proper way to do report a griefing.

    Oh, and beacons are logged, so whoever stole them should be caught. :)
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  4. All blocks are logged :)
  5. That is untrue. Only a few select blocks are logged.
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  6. Staff have checked logs on dirt blocks for me....
  7. I don't want to give out details, but it's a lot more than a 'few'. Aside from the contents of chests, just about any greif can be tracked now.
  8. 'Few' was the wrong word. I know a lot are logged, but not all.
    I've asked staff to check logs for certain blocks and nothing came up... so I know it's not all of them. :p
  9. Staff should be able to find out who took it because I'm positive that iron blocks and beacons are logged, however they sadly can't fix it or roll it back :\

    I wish there was a way to roll it back, I'd certainly build more in the wild if that was the case. The most you can do when you get griefed is to try to catch who did it and they'll get banned, but you're still stuck with a griefed base and there's not much you will get out of it.

    You can message anyone listed here with the details and they should be able to help catch them, but like I said it's not replaceable.
  10. Note: all my info is hear-say, what I learned on the forums. About tracking of blocks: there is a reason why the staff have suggested several times that the best way to keep some of your blocks fully safe is to rename them before using them. Ergo: a lot gets tracked but, like Penguin said up there, not everything.

    Follow this link to get an overview of all the staff members. As the others mentioned above: you need to contact one of them and this is how you can do it. I'd recommend not trying to contact community managers and/or senior staff but stick to the moderators. Even so: I'm positive they'll all try to help you out one way or the other, but contacting a moderator will be quicker (this is basically their job).

    Alas; just click on one of the names, and then select the "Start conversation" button which you'll find in the upper left corner. Then explain what happened.

    Tip: be sure to share where it happened, include coordinates (press f3 in game to see those). (and do make sure NOT to share those coordinates in public when this happened somewhere in the Frontier).

    If this happened on your residence in town then you're most likely out of luck because you then basically gave players permission to do things on your residence. Even so; it can't hurt to discuss that with a staff member as well.

    Best of luck to you!
  11. I will replace your losses
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  12. Meh, ninja'd.

    How am I ever going to get GRIP more known when stuff like this keeps happening? :D
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  13. If you really wanna replace it go ahead :p
  14. hey thank you all for your help i really appreciate it. i will contact an admin
  15. enzosoccer19 next time you can lock your beacons if it's in the frontier and frontier nether. They can steal the pyramids, but they can't take the beacons. Read this. There's a rupee charge, so that everyone does not just randomly lock everything, everywhere out there. You can lock chests too so the contents do not get stolen. It'd be worth it though for your base beacons and chests.
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