Someone hacking?

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  1. The weather at LLO (SMP7) is ridiculous. I know what it's supposed to look like and there is definitely something wrong with the storm here.
  2. Yeah, its like constant lightning..

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  3. I don't think someone is hacking lol, it's just some bad weather.
  4. I've noticed it being a bit much with all the lightening but I don't think someone could just hack the weather without Aikar or Justin noticing. Unless aikar is just having fun with the weather.
  5. The weather and day/night cycle isn't too hard to hack.
  6. Aikar is smiting all of you because (most likely) a lot of you say his name wrong! Haha, i honestly have no idea, but it has happened on 9, 5, 1, _, and 2 for me before:D
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  7. Don't say that lol, it's like you actually thought about doing it, which isn't good.
  8. 10?
  9. Just seeing how long it would take for someone to see it:D
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  10. Welcome to LLO where everyone is nice "most of us" and where the weather is more bi-polar than Texas weather :D\
    also its been like that since i been there back in March it becomes the norm after awhile.
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  11. LLO: Frequent Storms. Be careful around there.
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  12. Seeing Charge creepers are like seeing dirt around there lol
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  13. Especially where the graveyard is. :rolleyes:
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  14. Just an extreme storm (Added in 1.2)
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  15. :rolleyes:
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  16. =P Craziness.
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  18. Yeah the weather and day/night cycle are crazy. The storms I'm used to, they just do seem to get a bit too extreme sometimes. The day/night cycle irritates me because it seems day lasts two seconds and night lasts twenty minutes. Never fails, it can be daylight until I walk outside and BAM dark and mobs everywhere ;^;
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  19. I know what you mean... -___- Thank jeebus for mass torches.
  20. That place should have a Mob controller..

    Like some sort of dark room for all the monsters to spawn(Needs everywhere outsdie lit up) and boom no m0bs killing people..
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