Someone dropped a Feast for a king on smp3 is it yours?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by JoxBax, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Tell me where you lost it and I'll hand it over to you.
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  2. How do you know the feast wasn't for a queen instead? ;)
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  3. Thats crazy talk, promos never lie. There is a sad king out there with no feast, I swear!
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  4. Bump, if no one claims it I will keep it for myself, therefor this will be the last bump. But it will still be available for pickup by rightful owner for one or two weeks.
  5. *wishes it wus mine*
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  6. There is a "Thrown" tag that Administrators should be able to check in order to see who threw it.
  7. That was the first thing I did, but sadly it wasn't possible.
    But thanks to eviltoade for trying though :)
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  8. I recommend private messaging krysyyjane9191 on forums so that she can check whose it was.

    EDIT: Looks like this may not work if you've already checked. :)
  9. maybe he wanted to drop it and let it be found by a random person :)
    that's something i would be able to do xD
    just go around town and drop promos on my way xD
  10. I dropped my feast for a king a while ago...
    ...on SMP7...
    ...on my residence.
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  11. pm krysyyjane9191 she might be good to help
  12. I found it on the ground on smp3, so I doubt its yours. :/
  13. I don't think staff can really help for this though...
  14. If u havent tryied AwsomeBuilder3 just have faith it may work
  15. Wait, how would they know where they lost it? Wouldn't it then not be lost?
  16. Yes, but i have no choice because then everyone could just claim on it. I'm sure if the owner comes forward we will find a solution to whether he is legit or not.
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