Some photos i have taken

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  1. I closed the tab accidentally... F
    Anyway, take 2, these a pictures i have taken from 2015 - to present

    EWWWWW watermark
    no wonder why no one uses PB anymore

  2. They look very nice. I've the one with fireworks.
  3. These are gorgeous!

    But yeah, the watermark is bad... it's strange that it says 'proudly', as it seems like it's saying that about the uploader, but the watermark can't know, of course.
  4. Awesome pictures, thanks a lot for sharing! :) I should really go to Australia some time, but sadly it's so incredibly far away and the seasons are swapped around compared to here, making it difficult to go there. Perhaps some day... :)
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  5. Keep taking those photos, Looks great!
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  6. Wow those look pretty cool! :)
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  7. And hers some more without the watermark

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