Some crazy stuff is going on

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  1. I logged in to find several blocks of ice on my res. There was no water there originally to freeze, and nobody has build perms on my res. Also, while in a chest a cupid bundle was opened and some cooked turkeys appeared in my inventory. The only mod I have installed is optifine.

    If anyone has any idea what might have caused this I would love to know.
  2. Im not sure how this could happen. How could a cupid bundle open itself?
  3. The only thing I can think of is a Belated April Fools Joke?
    Nah just kidding, sorry to hear about this :eek:
  4. I think someone else must have access to your MC account.
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  5. Thats what i thought at first, but didnt think it was possible.
  6. I also just saw that two sheep that were in eggs, in item frames were spawned. Is there any way to check the player log to see if somebody logged in as me?
  7. Contact staff and see what they can do.
  8. Two people have admin perms on all four of your residents, so unless you know for certain they are your alt accounts I strongly suggest you have staff look into them. They have the ability to both build on your residents as well as make the changes to your chest contents.

    If they are your alts, you should contact SS and see if they can figure out if there's IP activity coming from a computer that is not yours. If there is I suggest changing your password ASAP (I still suggest changing it regardless).

    If the information is inconclusive, I suggest at that point you take all precautions and ask for a temp ban on your account until an admin can look into the situation.
  9. The magic here is: /res default

    That will reset the residence perms and remove the admin (as well as any other flag) players may have on your residence.

    As you gave these players admin there is very little that we as Staff can do. The whole point of the residence flags is to give you all the protection (while in town) you could need. Giving out flags, especially the admin flag, is a dangerous thing (hence the big red warning when you issue the command)

    As for your account there is no unusual activity so once again please /res default

  10. This. Be very careful who you trust on EMC. I think this goes without saying: not just on Minecraft, but be careful who you trust *anywhere.*
  11. Well, The res that this happened on technically belonged to my alternate account. I guess I should have clarified that.
    The only thing I could Imagine is my sister Being naughty, Thanks for the help anyway.