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  1. Hi all Its AussieZaid an today I decided to make a forum post on some commands that people especially newbies can find in handy in the future! So I will list them all what they do and information about those commands of how they can come in handy!! Here we go!

    1. The command /time can show you the E.M.C time that it is currently and it helps you in game a lot especially in events so for e.g Rainbowchin is having Firefloor at 4pm E.M.C time and i wanna be there at 3:50 E.M.C Time. I will have to type /time so I know the time it is and I could think how long it is!

    2. The command /Money is one of the most important commands of all time because it tells you all of the rupees and tokens you have. Rupees is the in game currency we all use on E.M.C! There are many commands to check how many r a.k.a Rupees you have, Some of them are /money or /r or /rupees or /tokens and Many more!

    3. The command /chat town or /chat local or /chat residence or /chat supporter, are/is the chat that you are currently using so for e.g if I wanted to only let people around me hear what I'm saying I'll do /chat local.

    4. The last command is the command /help. That command helps you a lot with specific details you want to know or recognise.

    Thanks all I hope u found those commands in handy and as always E.M.C rocks! If you need help in game ask one of Our staff or me But your better of with staff cause they know everything! Bye! :D
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  2. shortform is /c t for /chat town. similarly for /c r and /c l and etc